postcard or flyer for RELEASE Academy -

Patrick2502 picked a winning design in their postcard, flyer & print contest. For just $299 they received 35 designs from 7 designers.

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Contest title


postcard or flyer for RELEASE Academy -


Release Academy is specialist in educating and training and coaching stage dancers, gogo-dancers and pole dancers

Background information

Organization name

RELEASE Academy -

Description of the organization and its target audience

Release Academy is specialist in educating and training and coaching stage dancers, gogo-dancers and pole dancers.


Entertainment & The Arts

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Dear creatative ones,

After some successful projects on 99’s I am back again for a new request. I need a small flyer folder designed for an upcoming local sport event. We are going to give some demonstrations of all the different types.

So for this event we want to hand out a flyer to all the folks that are passing by our demonstrations.

1) Folder size is A5 folded once so we have a front, back and 2 pages inside.

2) For the front I just want to have my logo (already designed on 99), a picture (that I send you) and some kind of slogan. For the front I have 2 examples, 1 picture which is high quality, and a second one that low quality but is to give an example how I need the front (the background of the good picture is white but I want the front to be dark.

3) On the inside 2 pages I want to write some text about the benefits of training with us on the left and have 3 blocks where I can tell something of out 3 different trainings

4) On the back I think I just have the logo centred again and the usual website URL’s, Facebook and Twitter logo’s.

Since the only Adobe application I understand is Acrobat Reader I also need the design delivered print ready so I can forward it directly to the printer.

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