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postcard or flyer for The Premier Event

Marycatherinesexton ran a postcard, flyer or print contest — Bronze package.


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Winner - dwoolery
I was very impressed with his initial design, I made some suggestions to all the designers and dwoolery was the only one that caught on to them. He made the keywords that I supplied and turned them into phrases that catch the eye. I have some other marketing ideas, I will definately be working with him again! Nick Complete Construction
- Completecandr

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The Premier Event

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Event planning company

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Wedding Service

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What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

The design is needed for a advertisement with a local bridal magazine. The advertisement will be a half page horizontal (8.5 inch by 5.5 inch) size. I want to incorporate my logo, my qr code reader, my contact information as well as pictures. Not all of the pictures need to be used. Use only the ones that look the best for an advertisement. The only one that MUST be used is the Wedding Ceremony picture. I want this to be an elegant and beautiful advertisment.
I want the advertisement to have this phrase on it:

creative design | flawless execution | exceeding expectations

My contact info is:
Mary Catherine Sexton