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Pickle Peas Needs a Design for In-Store Easel Display!

Shannon2812 ran a postcard, flyer or print contest — Bronze package.


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Runner-up design by Mary_pile
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Winner - Mary_pile
very satisfied with the quality of work.
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Pickle Peas

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Pickle Peas is a new organic infant line featuring interchangeable snap on bibs and clothing. Both the clothing and the bibs are organic. There are 5 boy bib designs and 5 girl designs as well as 6 different clothing styles. The bibs are one size and fully interchangeable with all Pickle Peas clothing, size 3-6 up to 18-24.

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Pickle Peas clothing / bibs will begin being sold in baby boutiques for the first time next month. Each store will receive a pop-up Easel display to put out with the clothing in the store. The display will tell customers What Pickle Peas is and How it works. Because the snap on and interchangeable features are unique, the display should use a mix of copy, graphics and photography to create an eye-catching, easy to understand marketing display that will create excitement and help sell the clothing to customers shopping.
(This is the easel display -
The design should be 8.5 x 11 and of the same style as the picklepeas website; clean, modern, fresh. I think using some of the attached photography, with a "how it works" image - showing how the bibs snaps on and are interchangeable - along with some clean, eye catching phrases would be perfect. Any questions, please email!