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Help Pitchstream Media Inc. with a new postcard or flyer

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help Pitchstream Media Inc. with a new postcard or flyer


Cannes Film Festival exposure. We're taking this to Cannes in May.

Background information

Organization name

Pitchstream Media Inc.

Description of the organization and its target audience

Movie producers in Hollywood and world-wide.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


I need a hand out card (8.5"x5.47") to be distributed to potential production partners at the Cannes Film Festival in May. These cards are a quick visual 'come-on' to partners to quickly get their interest in exploring a new film project. By looking at the card (which is a small version of an eventual film poster), they can tell immediately if it fits the film genre that they are interested in and if the story will immediately resonate with a future audience.

The front of the card looks like a film poster, but without the photos of the eventual star actors. Instead, we use stock model photography. Also, on the front is a visual representation of the story, as told in photos, images or graphics (particularly in the visual tone).

Overlaid on the front is name of the film and some basic credits (writer, co-producer [us]). We need a font that matches the tone.

On the back is a summary of the plot and contact info, over a visual image tied into the story.

I have stock photos to be used for the front, as well as a single photo to be used on the back.

I will provide the specific wording in a few days. Other than the title, please greek this for now. The title is "POSTER CHILD".

The plot: a young PR exec goes to Cambodia to find a replacement for an ex-child prostitute who is the poster child for an international charity. He finds her but also finds criminal fraud and bribery in the charity, involving the police and politicians. Both the hero and the young woman are marked for death and it's a race to get them out of the country alive. Of course, they fall in love.

The tone of the card is dark, foreboding - the deepest depths of Cambodia. Much of the action takes place in child brothels so there needs to be a very seedy element to the tone as well. The provided photos should be manipulated and grunged to fit the tone.

The photos to be used are attached along with some typical movie posters, as starting ideas.

Note that the young man and woman are the highlighted faces, everything else is secondary. The Buddha image would serve as a good background image. The cop must be cropped out from its background image. All images need to be tone adjusted to the final look and feel. The photo with the boat will be the background for the back of the card.

Time is short, please be quick. I will get the wording finished in 48 hours.