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Create the next postcard or flyer for Timothy Hampton

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Create the next postcard or flyer for Timothy Hampton


Timothy Hampton is an actor who has reached semi-celebrity status thru his work in television and voice over

Background information

Organization name

Timothy Hampton

Description of the organization and its target audience

Timothy Hampton is an actor who has reached semi-celebrity status thru his work in television and voice over.


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


I want a postcard that looks like a magazine cover.  5x7 

Front: Vertical / Portrait Layout.

I am providing a photo (7413.jpg). Which should be positioned at the extreme left of the postcard. I would like a white background. But I am flexible.

"Timothy Hampton" should be written across the top as if it is the name of the magazine. I want my right hand to obscure at least part of the title of the magazine (which is Timothy Hampton). Perhaps obscuring the "T" in Timothy.

The sub-title: "The Best Young Actor You've never Seen" can be above the magazine title, or beneath.

The postcard / magazine cover should highlight the following topics - as if they are articles in the magazine - using the following text:

1.) Voice Over - narrates new animated video

2.) Commercials - credits galore

3.) Film & TV - new projects developing

4.) Theater - the Chad Deity callback

Please be very creative with the placement and presentation of these topics. It looks like a lot of text. We can play with it along the way.

Ideally, I would like for my left foot to be resting on some object or text. Since commercial work forms the base of my work, my foot could be resting on the word "Commercials." With the subtext - credits galore beneath, or in the immediate area. Again, I'm flexible.

Voice over should be placed higher on the card. Again, the subtext in the immediate area.

Film & TV / Theater categories you can position toward the middle. Although Film & TV should be place higher than Theater.

Toward the bottom of the card should be the question:
"Whats going on at"

We may have to eliminate some text along the way. I'm ok with that.

I have attached an older postcard as an example. You can also have a look at my website: for inspiration.

Rear: Horizontal / Landscape Layout

Same photo as the front, placed on the extreme left.

Timothy Hampton across the top. Perhapes right justified or fully justified across the top. If fully justified across the top, my right hand should once again obscure the part of the "T" in Timothy Hampton. If not fully justified, that's cool too.

SAG/AFTRA should be placed underneath Timothy Hampton. Placed as far to the right as possible, in a smaller size.

The information below is critical to the success of the postcard. It is the contact info. Be creative. I am open to as much variation as possible. But please be mindful that these will be mailed. I will need a space for whatever comments I need to make, as well as a standard mailing label.

Commercial /
Voice Over:

Voice Over:
Stewart Talent

Legit /
Voice Over /