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Create the next postcard or flyer for Lords Of The Clean

Deryck_b picked a winning design in their postcard, flyer or print contest. For just $199 they received 29 designs from 14 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next postcard or flyer for Lords Of The Clean


We specialize in cleaning out forclosed homes and commercial businesses, as well as regularly maintaining them

Background information

Organization name

Lords Of The Clean

Description of the organization and its target audience

 We offer First Class professional cleaning at reasonable prices.      


Cleaning & Maintenance

Content details


What Im looking for is to hopefully catch the customers eye by having a postcard that is colorful and unique. Please create the samples in different shapes and sizes. i.e Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Circle, etc. As far as creativity, I will leave that open to the designer.

Please include the following somewhere in the postcard:
-24 Emergency Service
-Same-Day Service
-Clean Out Foreclosed Homes
-Office Cleaning
-Post Construction Clean-Up
-Junk Removal
-Move In/ Move Out
-Affortable Rates
-Free Estimates

Call: (831)224-3082