Create the next flyer or brochure for 3-Sides Publishing

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Contest title


Create the next flyer or brochure for 3-Sides Publishing


We make an app (for the iPad only) that shows people how to live the Italian lifestyle, anywhere in the United States

Background information

Organization name

3-Sides Publishing

Description of the organization and its target audience

We make an app (for the iPad only) that shows people how to live the Italian lifestyle, anywhere in the United States. The concept of the app, called The Italian Way, is to show people how/where to enjoy the Italian way of life, without leaving the U.S.

The Italian lifestyle includes all the things that make life worth living: eating fresh local food, simply prepared and only in season; enjoying spectacular, regional wine; savoring a cappuccino or espresso in a coffeehouse or Italian cafe; watching life go by in the local piazza, and sharing simple moments with family and friends.

Our tagline is "Find Italy Everywhere"


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


Create a one-page, 8.5" x 11" product information flyer which is graphically consistent with our new website (see URL below) and makes use of the images that are provided or specified. Our objective is to introduce our app to prospective users using a single-page flyer that visually describes the app and its benefits.

Each benefit should include an image and there should be plenty of white space. Here are the 5 main benefits and their associated images:

1. Enjoy fresh, local Italian food in a trattoria where you are treated like family
image #1: restaurant description including local/freshness scale - 1 to 5 tomatoes - indicating freshness and sources of food

2. Develop a list of your favorite Italian locations, then create your own Italian itinerary (day trip) or follow one of ours.
image #2: map of a recommended itinerary

3. Enjoy simple moments with friends and family
image #3: people sitting on a bench in a neighborhood park or "American piazza" just watching life go by

4. Savor an authentic cappuccino or espresso in an Italian cafe.
image #4: photo of a cappuccino or espresso served in a ceramic cup!

5. Walk through a local [farmers] market and select ultra-fresh fruit and vegetables from nearby farms
image #5: photo of an Italian-style outdoor market

We want this flyer to have an Italian or European "feel" and of course be attractive and easy to understand. You can use stock photography or the images we have provided here. Also be sure to incorporate our icons, logo and custom artwork. The Italian Way app is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your Italian interlude with friends and family, right from the app.

Our NEW website/blog will be similar to this:

Our existing (OLD) website contains more information about our app:

Key Message:
It's possible to enjoy the Italian lifestyle anywhere you go in the United States….provided you know where to look. The Italian Way app for iPad offers you an authentic Italian lifestyle experience, right in your own back yard.

Further requirements:
we use "footprints" that are colored like an Italian flag throughout our app. be sure to include footprints somewhere in this flyer!!

target audience:
We have found that this app is most appealing to people who have visited Italy (on vacation) and have personally experienced the Italian lifestyle. Every year 2.5 MILLION Americans visit Italy and many of them have become "Italophiles."

uses and requirements:
- This flyer will be printed and also converted to PDF for electronic distribution.
- We request the final output to be in layered Photoshop format (psd) unless there is a good reason to use some other format.

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