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Create the magazine ad for WaLaw Realty, LLC

Claire1995 ran a postcard, flyer or print contest — Bronze package.


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Awesome work, very detailed and communicative.
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WaLaw Realty, LLC

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You can learn more about our unique business model on our website:

Today's real estate buyers are more sophisticated and more involved than ever before. The Web has transformed the way people buy and sell real estate, and traditional agents don’t add as much value as they used to. You can do lots of research on your just need a hand in negotiating and closing the deal. We’re lawyers and agents so your interests are our only concern.

WaLaw Realty is a new model in real estate that brings together the traditional strengths of a real estate agent with the under utilized knowledge and experience of an attorney. WaLaw Realty provides real estate brokerage services and, in conjunction with our jointly owned law firm, legal services on a flat fee basis. Our flat fee is $4,995 and we rebate all the commission to our clients. On average, our clients are rebated just over $13,000.

Work with WaLaw Realty and you’ll get the tools, home tours, and expert legal advice you need to take control of your purchase experience. Plus, you get trusted legal advice that traditional agents can’t offer. The best part? We rebate our entire commission to you.

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Real Estate & Mortgage

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We are looking for a horizontal 4.75”x 2.3” OR vertical 2.3” x 4.8” print ad for a local metropolitan high-end magazine. The majority of our clients are well educated, financially secure and buy/sell homes at an average price of $670,000. We are looking for a simple, modern ad that conveys our new concept brokerage and legal service , at a low flat rate with commission rebates (currently totaling $1.26 Million)