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Contest title


Help PrintLogix Corporation design our Welcome page!


We are an online print service provider for the real estate industry across north america

Background information

Organization name

PrintLogix Corporation

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are an online print service provider for the real estate industry across north america. Similar to for Realtors.


Real Estate & Mortgage

Content details


We need to add a "welcome" section to our existing site. This area is 800 pixels wide and can can scale vertically as needed. Obviously we do not want anything that is WAY too tall.

Attached is a sample of the layout we like. This is just meant to show how we like showing the steps of how we work, NOT a color scheme or font selection we like. We want something that looks much more professional, is designed towards real estate brokerages/agents, and fits in the highlighted website screenshot.

As per the sample, these are our steps to use the site...

1-Upload your design OR Choose a free design
4-Let us do the rest (print and ship)

You can actually login to our test server to see what we do.


Please keep in mind our site is themed for each customer so this "Welcome" page should not use colors that tie it to any one color scheme





Other notes:

The welcome page should have a title of "Welcome to (your site name) powered by! " NOT the one shown in the sample.

The "All" section will say "Welcome" and show the page you are designing for us instead of a list of templates.



We want this to be generic enough that as we add new agencies with other color schemes we do not need to redo the layout/colouring of this welcome page.

We want something that is a bit "sexy", it should really pop and get the users attention. By a user glancing at our page he/she should understand exactly how we work in a few seconds.

We print the following products.

Business Cards
Feature Sheets
CMA Covers
Post Cards

All 4 steps of the process should have images. The sample does not. For the payment step we accept all credit cards PayPal can use or just normal PayPal.

It may be a good idea as your upload samples to include your page pasted into where it will be on OUR existing site.