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Create the next product cover design for Krause Technology Group for display on Amazon's Kindle Store

Jim7000 ran a other packaging or label contest — Bronze package.


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Runner-up design by Zarathustra!
Runner-up design by Innovate 786
Runner-up design by azhabenko

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Winner - Zarathustra!
We were extremely pleased with the high-quality of designers who participated in our book cover contest. With 52 participating designers, it was a difficult decision, but Mr. Alexander von Ness was most creative and most responsive to our design requirements. It was a pleasure to work with Alexander and we intend to utilize his services again in the very near future.
- Rudy1988201

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Krause Technology Group

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Development for mobile devices

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800 X 800 pixel 72 dpi image that will be used on the Amazon store for an application that allows people to keep score of baseball and softball games on the Amazon Kindle. It must be in color and look good when scaled down to 75 X 75 in grey scale. Must have a high contrast between the text and background colors. Must show a baseball or softball player or baseball field. Must not contain any reference to Amazon or Kindle.