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Dpanah ran a other packaging or label contest — Bronze package.

I was surprised that such a service could exist in the cloud and provide such great service on top of it. Great idea, highly recommend this service. Why would anyone tie themselves down to 1 designer when such a service exists is beyond me. If you don't use 99designs you are doing yourself a great injustice.
- Dariush Yazdan-Panah

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Winner - Imbibom
Awesome! Fast response and detailed!
Finalist - karpol
Karpol solved the problem of how to show a pelican using a computer with a symplicity of style that worked well for me because it coveyed both intelectual intensity and light hearted humor.
Finalist - Dreamrise
Dreamrise recognized the vision of our mission and put together a concept that immediately caught our attention. Through the entire contest, this team worked closely with us on many different revisions and still after the evaluation - continued to be supportive in our initiative. I loved working with Dreamrise. Great team and respectful and highly creative!! The team at Wildly Mused!
- Sales Kahuna

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Local Retailer Loyalty Game System.

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We are
Local Retailer Loyalty Game System.
Users tap one of our electronically programmed and enabled products such as a credit card with a chip in it, a key chain with our chip in it, or their phone if its NFC enabled which is a chip technology on a what we call a reader, which basically identifies the person. That information is used by us to determine if the user is a "winner" that day for as little as a small token discount, to as much as a big prize, and at the very least it keeps track of customer behaviour and helps the retailer stay in touch with the customer regarding promotions and behavioral needs. Our logo is a dog with radar waves coming from its tail, our name is and we are your key to fun and rewards. Eventually you can pay the entire bill with us.

The product we are looking for is for the packaging of the reader. It will sit on the counter of the retailer and the customer taps it. The product is attached by a wire to the electrical outlet and or computer. Can be evasive or transparent. Remember that we are the KEY, key word being KEY to your luck of wining a reward. Remember the logo is a DOG, so your keychain is in fact a plastic dog of our logo with the electronics in it, the card is a credit card with our Dog logo on it.
Meaning that the reader packaging can, or can not, play against or with the dog or key concept.

Currently the readers look like a white box of cards you tap. Very boring. We want to stand out. Suggestions by employees have been a cube of a nice color with our name on it, other suggestions have been a bone shape for the dog, a lock shape for the key. It can be as simple as a small box. Other idea where a unique cicular object where you put your hand thru it and turned or tapped your key chain or card.

It can be what you want to design, it can play off our dog logo, the key word in the name, the luck name, a treasure chest, a diamond, whatever you wish or none of the above, these are just starter ideas. But what it should be is fun and a unique object you have never seen sitting on a retail counter, and one that can be used anywhere at any store. More universal in look. A cube works everywhere, while a dog bone wouldnt look nice at the local jeweler.

Keep in mind the packaging will be molded by plastic and simple, and most likely a sticker would be placed with our name somewhere, and it would sit on top of the real READER that is anywhere from one playing card size to about two playing card sizes.

Hope all this helps.