Winning design by KrishnaCreation

Website Layout - GuyRilla Marketing Group

guyrillagroup picked a winning design in their other design contest. For just $305 they received 57 designs from 13 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Website Layout - GuyRilla Marketing Group


Maketing solutions for companies that target men

Background information

Organization name

GuyRilla Marketing Group

Description of the organization and its target audience

Maketing solutions for companies that target men


Business & Consulting

Content details


My team needs to turn our current website [] into something more clean, stylish and modern. Attached is a wire frame demonstrating the functionality we need. Also attached are photos and our logo to be incorporated in your design.

*//Examples of good form:

*//Attributes of the winning design:

Will allow for our programmers to use CSS wherever possible. In other words, try to design with quick page load times in mind.


Dark blue
Pink (see attached logo). Our pink color is relegated only for logo and top priority calls-to-action.

As you can see from the attached wire frame, the design requires a few rotator images:

GuyRilla’s NYC & Chicago Marketing Summits - Buy Tickets Here
GuyRilla Connects Companies - Case Studies
Sponsorship Success
Early Bird tix now on sale – Save Money, Buy Now!

*Contestants may use "lorem ipsum" filler text.

*//Final deliverable will include:
-- A PDF of the page
-- PNGs of the rotator images
-- Layered SVG and/or PSD files of all images for programming purposes
*Please note that the winning artist can use the final product for their portfolio to win future business, but must surrender ownership of the deliverables upon payment.

Thanks and good luck!