Winning design by Deleted_Account_

UI design mockup for new iPad app!

ArcTouch Developers picked a winning design in their other graphic design contest. For just $1,189 they received 203 designs from 32 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


UI design mockup for new iPad app!


Impress us with your iPad app design skills!

Background information


The app is for consumers and TV fans who want to browse and discover new shows. They like to be surprised and delighted by the experience of finding some new show that they didn't previously know was on.

Brand Name

"What's On TV" iPad App

Brief Summary

This iPad app allows a user to browse a guide of what is on TV "right now" as well as future programming across all channels from their local cable provider. The app should provide a rich/engaging experience that encourages them to browse through their channels and discover TV programs that are on "now" and later (up to the next 2 hours) When they discover a show that interests them, they can see more details about the show, view the cast information, see related shows, and share this discovery via social media networks.

Content details


See attached Creative Brief and wire frame concepts. Please read these carefully. We look forward to seeing your designs and will provide timely feedback.