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Snipr SiteBuilder Illustration

Ian7778 ran a other graphic design contest — Custom package.


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Winner - classicrock
Hi classic Rock! Thanks for you design, i love it. Was great to work with you, you were quick with changes and took all feedback on board!
- Fb67

How Ian7778 started their other graphic design journey

Background information


Users are online Internet Marketers, or those wanting to build websites online for the purpose of making money.

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Snipr is an Internet Marketing tool to research online niches, buy domains, build, launch and monetize websites and SEO them. The tool is all online and is about to launch version 2 of the sitebuilder, which is pure drag and drop build functionality. Snipr offers its users education and tools to build a portfolio of websites, to make money online.

Content details


We need an illustration no bigger than 600x400 that depicts multiple websites (ie a portfolio of websites) being built, that are built, and somehow show that each of these are connected, and are at different levels of completeness and stature... A great example of how this can all be encapsulated is and the main img they have on thier front page, that includes the laptop and the websites coming out... Another way to think about this illustration is farmville for websites, ie a graphic similar in style to that of farmville (or similar) but showing websites rather than farms... Another way to approach this could be, each website is a village, ie if the website had a youtube video on it the village would have a cinema, if the website had many pages of content, maybe a library, if it was making money, maybe a bank, if lots of traffic, a freeway etc, then have a cluster of villages, with variants of the above examples etc... The image will replace the current video that is shown at so this should give an idea of color pallet etc...