Design a club badge for Yanchep Martial Arts


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Contest title


Design a club badge for Yanchep Martial Arts


We are a part time dojo teach Karate and Muay Thai to children and adults two nights a week

Background information

Organization name

Yanchep Martial Arts

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a part time dojo teaching Karate and Muay Thai to children and adults two nights a week. See for more informaiton on the club.


Physical Fitness

Content details


* Circular or some other regular shape.
* Strong Contrast/Colours
* Club name on badge (Full text or Initials)
* Optionally incorporate some element(s) from Coastal Warriors Badge (Your choice, but some ideas include: Blue Colour, Red Circle, Southern Cross)
* Optionally include: Shu, Ha, Ri
* Optionally include the kanji script
* Okay to deviate from sketch
* Design to be embroidered onto cloth.
* Patch/Badge will be worn on a black karate gi.

Detail (Waffle)
I need a cloth club badge designed. The badge design will end up circular approx 10cm in diameter. I am looking for a simple design that look good in colour and black & white. I would like it to represent that we are close to the beach, sand dunes. At the heart of our style are three, red, yellow, blue and white. Our club colour is blue.

I have attached an initial sketch try to incorporate some of these ideas. I have a circle inside a circle. The inner circle is offset. I have some beach grass silhouetted against a red setting sun. The wave/jaggered line represents the ocean and/or the dunes. At the top of the sketch the words are "Shu", ""Ha", "Ri", which translate to "Retain", "Detach", "Transcend" which represents our learning levels and the martial art journey we are on. The words at the bottom are the club name.

We train out of Yanchep District High School. I took the idea for the sea grass from their school crest/logo see http:// which has the sea grass on its school crest. My instructor's club is Coastal Warriors see . I have attached a gif of their badge. It is common to incorporate something from your instructors badge into your own. In me sketch I elected to use the "red" sun. You might want to use the southern cross instead.

These are just initial ideas, I have come here to see what other ideas are possible. You may incorporate all, some or none of the above in your submission. For example, perhaps drop the Shu, Ha, Ri, and just have the club name. Or perhaps a totally different design say a simple blue background with white lettering YMA, similar to the classic VW logo. I am open to ideas.

If you want more inspiration/background on the style of martial arts we teach see the Bob Jones Corporation In the left hand column, under programs look for Zen Do Kai and BJC Muay Thai

I have also attached a image of karate badge that uses two circles offset. Again not fixed on this, feel free to make the circles concentric. This was originally downloaded form the web, but I can't locate the original URL at the moment. Once I do I will update the brief.

I have also attached a image of the Japanese Kanji for Shu, Ha and Ri incase you plan on using those elements in the design and prefer the look of the Kanji. This image was taken form a google talk: see



I need the final artwork as SVG file. The final design should be such that I do not have to purchase any fonts. Not sure if fonts are even an issue just being safe.