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PDF and Email Templates for TCT Data

fatman picked a winning design in their other business or advertising contest. For just $599 they received 30 designs from 7 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


PDF and Email Templates for TCT Data


Need modern yet professional print and email templates!

Background information

Organization name

TCT Data

Description of the organization and its target audience

We a software company that provides fundamental information to energy companies. Our focus is on simple, quick technology that improves their trading and analytical decisions. We have a 100% Excel based interface which is unlike anything in it's class. Also, we provide daily analysis and research reports to our customers. These reports focus on short and medium term trends.



Content details


We are redoing our existing reporting materials and documents and need a designer who is proficient with Microsoft Publisher and Outlook Stationary. We are a small company that is competing against $100MM companies and we need documents that will be on that level.

We are looking for the following documents:
1. Microsoft Publisher template for our reports
2. MailChimp email template
3. Outlook Stationary version of the MailChimp template
4. JPG and other versions of the report header for use in Excel. Need it in 750 and 1100 pixel widths.

The publisher templates will be used for daily PDF reports we send to our customers. I would like you to come up with something creative that will incorporate a picture of a pipeline or oil well or something energy related. I want this to be a modern but very professional look. Please use complementary colors to our logo. I have attached a VERY rough pdf of the pages required. We will need to be able to quickly and easily change the titles.

Also, I have attached our current MailChimp template. You can use this as a basis for the design, but I want to improve the header and the overall layout. This goes out to our customers with a link to the PDF version.
Once again, please use a complementary color scheme to our logo. This html template will need to be created as an outlook OFT stationary so we can send without MailChimp.

Lastly, We will need jpg versions of the print header in 750 pixels and in 1100 pixels for our Excel models. We will need to be able to quickly and easily adjust the titles.

Once again, I want something creative and modern, but it has to have a very professional look. I have AI of the logo for the winning designer for the final version.