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Mr Boots needs a new catalogue/brochure

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Mr Boots needs a new catalogue/brochure


Mr Boots needs a new catalogue/brochure for our new branch in Papua New Guinea

Background information

Organization name

Mr Boots

Description of the organization and its target audience

Safety Supplies for Industrial requirements



Content details


We have moved up to PNG and would like our brochure updated. It will include images of new products that we would like to highlight a few of.

it will be a four A4 page brochure, I have uploaded all the images that need to go in for each category, and a corresponding word doc with description for each image under their corresponding categories.

All pages including the feature page are to look more or less the same, except that the feature front page only has 8 images that we want to feature (feature images to be larger than normal images). 

The front page is also to feature the logo and the van more prominently, though sadly, we would like to do away with "Mr Boots Man" for now thanks :). We would like predominantly white pages with yellow and black trim, the pages should also include the following address and contact details on all pages, as well as the logo and van (less predominantly than the front page), though we leave it up to the designer to choose how it would look best (details can be split in between the top and bottom of the page if needed)

Address, Phone & Fax number, email and website:

"Koani St, Gordons Industrial Estate

Ph: 325 7697Fax: 325 5248

The products will also need a price, I'm just waiting for promo pricing to come through and will pass that on as soon as I have it.

Please contact me if there are any questions, this job is guaranteed so all entered submissions have a chance to win!