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Contest title


J.C Household Ltd needs a new merchandise design


We are a houseware company which specialise in clocks and wall art

Background information

Organization name

J.C Household Ltd

Description of the organization and its target audience

We are a houseware company which specialise in clocks and wall art. Selling predominately online in the UK



Content details


We are looking for a new design of wall clock. The design should be modern, playful and creative, and include either clock numbers, or roman numerals. The design will be printed onto a 30cm MDF wall clock. We are looking for a design which can duplicated into the same design in different colours.The clock will use black hands the same as in the paris clock example.

We're being pretty open with the actual design of the clock, we're looking for something different which will stand out, and we're looking to you for inspiration. The only constraint is to use complimentary colours to go with different people's decor.

We suggest you use the numbers of the clock in the design itself. Feel free to only use certain numbers, change and size, shape design of them to fit a good design.

NB - We are also open to rustic looking designs, the worn away rustic look is big right now. Feel free to incorporate this style into some of your designs

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