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Twirl Baby Store Logo Design

Twirl for Baby ran a logo design contest — Custom package.


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Runner-up design by DFYinc
Runner-up design by babyhuey
Runner-up design by FirstGear™
Runner-up design by danareta
Runner-up design by katann56024

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Winner - samovilka
Working with samovilka was a breeze. Gave her an idea and she took off with it creating different versions, then Bam! The winning logo. Thank you Samovilka
- william r

How Twirl for Baby started their logo design journey

Background information


Hip and modern moms and dads, parents-to-be, and friends of parents to be who are looking for high-quality, contemporary items for babies 0-24 months, and toddlers 2-4 years of age. They want fashionable eco-friendly items as well so we will offer a section of non-BPA, environmentally friendly, recyclable guilt free shopping options. They are successful professionals who live and work in the DC area, some may be stay at home moms. Some other stores they may shop at are Nordstrom's, Bloomingdale's, Whole Foods, and yes even Target. They are a diverse and highly discriminating shopper. They buy luxury strollers like Bugaboo, Quinny, and Stokke. The friends are looking for that unique baby shower gift or birthday present that will make their friends gasp with delight when they open the package.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

I am a 38 year old Washington DC Mom to be, opening up a brick and mortar store in the DC Metro area. There will also be an online store,, that will sell our products on the internet. I have lived in Los Angeles and New York, having worked with and for celebrities. I am happily married and have lived in Washington, DC for the past four years. On the West Coast there are tons of fabulous trendy baby stores where you can find unique items that are high quality, fashionable and often times eco-friendly. What can I say, I want to do my part to save the earth and still look fashionable at the same time. I recently traded in my luxury Mercedes for a convertible New Beetle, and have started quite a stir among my friends. In a good way! The name Twirl actually came easily to me. I was at a spiritual retreat a few years ago and I remember a poem read by the famous Rumi where he described the feeling of twirling or swirling that kids do as a way to get close to God. We started twirling, which I haven't done since I was a kid and that feeling did come to me. Okay, I'm not exactly a tree hugger and no I don't go to spiritual retreats on the regular but I never forgot that experience. It seems the line between childhood and young adulthood happens when we stop twirling. I want to build a store that reminds all of us how wonderful it is to be a kid!

Content details


This Logo design will shape the Identity for the entire brand. It needs to transfer easily from store signage to website design as well as all of our stationery needs. We may also at some point in the future launch our own clothing line and it would be great if the logo could appear on the tag on the clothing. The focus however should be on the Store and Website branding. Be creative. You may want to add an image to the actual text. I'm completely open to that.