Completed contest

Jounce ran a logo design contest — Custom package.


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Runner-up design by grade
Runner-up design by chesta
Runner-up design by Rondow
Runner-up design by markoturso
Runner-up design by PADgraphics
Runner-up design by ADemkovic

Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - chesta
CHESTA created JUST want we wanted and was so helpful! thank you very much and we hope to work with you again.
- 4pennink

How Jounce started their logo design journey

Background information


Twitter Users mainly But anyone interested in trending and current news and Yahoo Buzz users

Brand Name


Brief Summary is to be a new online news services that rivals , retweet is the most popular term on twitter and therefore is already a powerful brand name. As people are retweeting they are spreading stories, breaking news, etc.. our site will aggregate this news and create trending stories in multiple categories.

Content details


Clean and simple, yet powerful design preferably the design is any shade of blue or black.. or a combination of the two. We are looking to surpass as they are the leading competitor also refer to and Yahoo Buzz