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Papyrus strikes again! Create a NEW LOGO for Standing Cloud.

Leslie Osborne ran a logo design contest — Custom package.


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Background information


Our users could range from technical to non-technical, but most will likely fall on the non-technical side of that scale. It's an existing market, we're just approaching it in a different way. - Individuals looking to test drive open source software (e.g. to evaluate it for personal or business use) - Individuals looking to host open source software (e.g. for their own blog, photo sharing site, etc.) - Businesses, departments within businesses, and government groups who either don't have an IT staff or don't want to deal with the one they have, and are looking to get up and running with open source applications in the cloud - Developers who can do the IT tasks related to their coding projects, but don't want to

Brand Name

Standing Cloud

Brief Summary

What Standing Cloud, a young startup based in Boulder, CO, is all about: Deploying and managing open source applications in the cloud can be daunting for those who aren’t IT professionals. Most people don’t want to figure out how to install and configure a web server or database, or how to download, install, and set up an application. They just want to start using an application *now* and have it *work*. Standing Cloud removes barriers to open source applications and cloud computing by enabling people to easily work with applications instead of the servers that run them. Customers can experience the simplicity of Standing Cloud by test driving and/or hosting any of 50+ open source applications on several available clouds, within just minutes of registering. Words that describe the company / our products: Easy, simple, clean, quick, uncluttered, uncomplicated, friendly but businesslike

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- In keeping with the rest of the product/site, the logo needs to be clean and simple. - We like the big, easy-to-read, colorful, web 2.0 style, but since our product has business to do, the logo shouldn't be too playful or silly. - We'll need a version for use on light backgrounds and on dark backgrounds. - We'd like .png (400x50, 283x57) and photoshop formats. - Color isn't necessarily a restriction, though we do like our blue #50729F. - We aren't concerned about it matching our current website style (, though it would be nice if it could match (or in some way complement) the style of our management console (screenshot attached). - Competitor logos range from very corporate-y to very web 2.0-y, so we can fall anywhere in that range (without it affecting our market presence). - NEW ITEM: Note that a "standing cloud" is an actual type of cloud ( see ) -- we see those often here in Colorado over the mountains. Hence, please do not add feet to our logo. "Standing" has nothing to do with feet.