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logo for Story of Cancer Trust

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logo for Story of Cancer Trust


This is a concept logo for my family's Story of Cancer Trust. The Story of Cancer Trust's mission is to fund…

Background information

Name to incorporate in the logo

Story of Cancer Trust

Slogan to incorporate in the logo

Tech Cures Cancer

Description of the organization and its target audience

This is a concept logo for my family's Story of Cancer Trust. The Story of Cancer Trust's mission is to fund technical innovations that can help cure cancer. The trust funds two kinds of projects. Projects that help raise cancer research donations and ideas that help form support systems for cancer patients, their families and friends.

The full name of the trust is:

The Elizabeth Martin and Duncan Smith Story of Cancer Trust.

Since that is a mouthful, we see the logo concentrating on Story of Cancer and treating Elizabeth Martin and Duncan smith almost as tags, but we are open to anything.

The first project of the trust is Cure Cancer Starter. That project should be live by end of Q1. I've attached its logo. The Story of Cancer Trust is the umbrella, the funding partner, of Cure Cancer Starter (and hopefully other technological innovations soon).

Cure Cancer Starter has 2 pieces to it. One piece helps cancer researches crowdfund their research. The other pieces is a community for cancer patients. Cancer patients, their friends and families can read about research, donate, follow researchers, follow each other and pool their knowledge for wisdom of crowds benefits. Anything we can do to help cancer patients feel better we will do.

The Story of Trust logo should reflect these two parts: technology and people. Our emphasis is wrapping tech around people not the other way around.


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