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New logo required for


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Background information


The desired audience is our existing market of companies that are looking for bespoke development, programming and consultancy in C++, C# and Java.

Brand Name

JetByte Limited

Brief Summary

We have an IT development consultancy and we're bringing our main company website up to date and in line with several of our other web sites.

Content details


At present we think that we'd like to keep a similar theme to the existing logo that can be seen at but the new logo should work well with our newer websites over at and - however, feel free to surprise us (as long as the logo works with the other new sites and suggests a common branding we're happy). Particularly, we currently feel that the new logo should use the black, red and white colours that are used on the other two sites and should be suitable for use on a black banner in a similar way to the logo. We'd like a favicon that uses an element of the web logo. We'd like to see how the logo could also work in print, header paper and business cards will follow so although the initial web logo needs to work on a black background, variations should work on a white background too. Right now we have it in our heads that the text should likely be in the same font as the new sites, this is "Walkway", but we're not wedded to this too much as long as the logo works. Although we have a rough idea of what we want we'd like to be surprised and are happy to keep an open mind.

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