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Contest title


Logo - Book Cover needed for Elections


Multi Skilled Designers Needed - Not all of you can handle this.

Background information


The Target Audience will be all Americans and Leaders of America.

Brand Name

Justice For All

Brief Summary

We are launching a book in one month that will talk about what is wrong with America's Financial System, Court System, Healthcare System etc.

Content details


First of All, the Logo/Book cover title is "Justice for All" (with the "All" crossed out). Underneath the title will be "Saving Justice in America". IMPORTANT: Not only do we want this as a logo, but with each logo you submit we want a book cover with it as well. If there is no book cover, we will not accept the logo. So, the logo will go on a website so keep that in mind, but we also want a book cover with the cover being the logo. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: We want an American Theme, Flag, Crimson, White and Blue, Patriotic. You are allowed to get real creative. We are looking for uniqueness. If this book was sitting on a shelf, we want it to reach out and grab your attention. The overall theme of the book is Truth, Justice and Common Sense.