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TWaldon needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 42 designs submitted by 9 freelance designers.


How TWaldon started their logo design journey


8-7-08 Contest is now Wide OPEN for Anything You want to do for this Logo. You can disregard anything Below. Thanks and Good Luck!!

We have had some of our customers who will be using our sites take a look at what we have so far and decided to extend this Design Contest and open it up to whatever you guys can come up with. So please Feel Free to Try anything that you like!! The only exlusions are no race horses or race cars. The sky is the limit otherwise. Lets see how creative you can get...

Looking for a REALLY Fun Exciting Design for our new Venture called In terms of Flavors for this New Brand, think Kentucky Derby, meets Las Vegas Style, meets NASCAR (Daytona 500), meets NHRA Drag Racing with a side of "Lets Make a Deal" game show and splash of American Idol in a Las Vegas type atmosphere!! In other words, Fun, Exciting, Colorful, and incredibly entertaining!

Company name

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Update 8-6-08 :  We just extended the contest so please feel free to Try anything that you like.  We are open to all ideas as long as you keep in mind a marketing approach to this logo - in other words create something that if you saw the logo yourself you would stop whatever you were doing just to check it out right now!  I want to logo to be very vivid, action oriented - think Casino/Gameshow like. 

Good Luck! TW     

This Logo needs to be designed for use on the website and for business cards, and other marketing items as well like computer bags, mugs, T-Shirts, Hats etc.  The winner should provide also two different versions of the logo one for the launch with the (tm) for our trademark claim and then also a (r) version for when the registration of the trademark has been completed.

We are creating a Brand New Exciting Online Auction Business and entertainment enviornment and we need to showcase a really strong but simple exciting logo that will be instantly reconizable and a classic design that evokes people to come and see what we have going on.

We are a brand new company in the start-up phase and want to create a really strong Brand presence with the logo.

I need also for you to provide two versions - one with the (tm) symbol and one with the (r) symbol after the .com.

(I do not want race cars or race horses as the items used to the left of the name).

8-6-08 Update - Below is the original description but you  guys have free reign to try whatever you want with the exception of no horses or race cars please.  Thanks!

Colors - You can experiment!  My preference is Purple, Green, Orange, - Vibrant but not irritating to the eyes and vivid but not neon.  If you would like to experiment, I  would not mind seeing other color combinations especially Blue/Yellow/Green and Red/Black/White  or Green/Black combo's.

You could do like a Bugler calling the horses to the starting gate like they do at the Kentucky Derby with those longer Bugles they use at the race tracks.  The racing item (Checkerd flag, Bugler, or whatever) should be in the Purple color with the word Auction in Green, the word Derby in (Orange) and the .com back to the purple color.  The little (tm) and (r) symbols should be in the orange color

You can try other color variations as long as they look great.  Just make them vivid without going too much so! 

Under all that, I want the tag line again in the Purple color.

It should Read -

Fast Bidding - Great Bargins - REALLY Fast Cash!

I will also need a Logo copy without the tag line too.

So, all in all, I will be needing files for the logo as follows:

1.  The logo with the tm symbol after the .com

2.  The logo with the r symbol after the .com

3. The logo without the tag line with both the tm version and r version after .com

I think that is about it so have fun and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.  Please feel free to ask questions anytime.

Best Regards,

Tom Waldon


- Item 1... A logo which is a eye catching Marketing piece in and of itself.  I want this Logo to stop people in their tracks and get them to take a look at what we are doing!
- Try anything that you want but it must include the tag lines "HIT THE WINNERS CIRCLE" and Fast Bidding - Great Bargins - REALLY Fast Cash!

You can do racing flags,

graphics of cash flying about or whatever you can come up with that represents lots of Casino Type Action in an Auction environment. 

Don't want

- Item 1... No Racing Cars or Racing Horses in the logo
- No Pastel colors
- No Neon colors

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