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    Wed, 04 Apr 2012 12:43:27 +0000
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    We thank each of you for working hard to design a logo for our firm.We are a very professional firm and we do not want our logo to look cartoonish even with the colors we are asking to see. I hope the comments below will assist you further.

    #3 we like the simplicity of the design and would like to see the green lighter shade or more on the neon side like the NAPFA logo provided.
    #17 we also like the simplicity of your design
    #16 we like your design as well
    #15 Our boss did not like the half circle looks like a smiley face
    #21 We liked your design however, we do not like the towers. Our boss suggested maybe a pyramid- concept being, we help people reach their financial goals (like stepping stones)
    #21 we do not like the Magenta maybe use a green or a darker purple
    #4 We also like your design. Our boss prefers the bottom but would like to see design using other colors and remove the LLC
    #6 and 8 Remove the LLC, make name all one color some type of blue- in the pie, change the black color to purple like in the NAPFA logo
    #21 after looking at this design our boss asked that you show a design using a continuous circle or something showing reaching the top.