Winning design by ChrisTomlinson

Gamify - Build the logo for the future of the internet.

Nathan Lands picked a winning design in their logo design contest. For just $614 they received 873 designs from 146 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Gamify - Build the logo for the future of the internet.


Powered by Gamify will be seen everywhere.

Background information


Company operates B2B, this logo will be seen by companies as well as consumers. Look at any company that has "Powered by X" on it's page with a logo, that's how ours will look.

Brand Name


Brief Summary

I'm a serial entrepreneur in the gaming industry. Gamify will be the leaders in Gamification of everything.

Content details


Please look at the logo draft I've attached. The logo needs to be very clear to read(we are introducing an entirely new word to people's vocabulary so is very important). This logo should also work as "Powered by Gamify" . The idea is that in the future if you see just the G in the logo, you should know that it's the G that represents Gamify. So with the logo I've attached, we love the font so please try to make your font identical to this except for perhaps the I could be a lowercase i style instead. We've been leaning towards blue or green for the colors but definitely not set in stone. So, what I need you guys to do is come up with an awesome G replacement for the G in this picture. I thought a G inside of a badge would work, but any idea is welcome. It should not be overly complicated, probably doesn't need gradients etc. The company is really a new type of industry so don't put them in the box with other game companies, this is something totally different. Should appeal to any kind of website owner, consumer etc., whoever. The G in the name "Gamify" should be regular like in the example. Font is a slightly tweaked version of Unisect NO GRADIENTS IN THE NAME "GAMIFY" Should be very basic solid color. Design for the "G" mark should be 2d style.