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Community Contest: Create the logo for the PlayStation 4. Winner receives $500!


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By Justin99
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Congratulations to the winner, NemanjaB.!
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This is a 99designs community contest to design the logo for the next generation of the PlayStation console.

The winner of this contest will receive a $500 prize!


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  • Playful Serious
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  • Simple Complex
  • Subtle Obvious
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On February 20th Sony Computer Entertainment is rumored to announce the next-generation PlayStation system which would succeed the PlayStation 3 (introduced in 2006). And that got us wondering: What would a PlayStation 4 logo look like? (If indeed that is even the name of the next system...nothing is certain at this point!).

Well, wonder no more -- show us your design!

For some inspiration look at previous PlayStation logos and this video, which hints that something big will be announced on February 20th:

In the past the PlayStation logo has been simple and iconic, but don't let that limit your ideas - we will be choosing our favorite original logo, not necessarily the one that we think Sony would like the best. I definitely prefer designs that use a custom font or play on some kind of unique graphical element.

This contest will close on Feb 18th at 10:30 AM PST. Get all of your entries in before then as we'll be selecting a winner before Sony makes their announcement on the 20th!

Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: Sony Computer Entertainment is NOT involved in this contest. This is an UNOFFICIAL PlayStation 4 logo design contest run by 99designs.

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