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MaccaX needs a new illustration

Kiwi212 ran a illustration or graphics contest — Bronze package.

Awesome platform, I love it.
- Aaron Franklin

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Runner-up design by Alexus
Runner-up design by thestudioworks
Runner-up design by antonius ipur
Runner-up design by MrWinner11

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Winner - Badrun
Badrun has been excellent, I plan on continuing to work with him
- Joe Forza

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Provide Triathlon training and racing education.

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I think I was over complicating things so I'd like to make this as easy as possible so we can get some great entries on this competition. Still 6 illustrations but I'll make them as easy as possible for you ...I've also attached illustrations that I think are close to what I'm looking for, if you can include a race bib # on these and give them all the same style then we'll be in business! First Timer - young girl on a bike (illustration shows guy but I'd like a girl for this one pls)Weekend Warrior - warrior person, ready for battleFitness Fanatics - See fitness.jpg belowTriathlon Lovers - See I love Triathon image belowSemi-Pro Triathletes - cool looking fast tri bikeCoaches - Coach & whistle