Winning design by Liu Design

Video Game UI Concept (updated)

Mgoodfel picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just $599 they received 85 designs from 27 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Video Game UI Concept (updated)


Looking for UI themes and color schemes

Background information

Organization name

Description of the organization and its target audience

Video game design



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99designs has suggested I simplify my brief.  So I've reduced it to this:

I'm looking for UI ideas.  The game is a Minecraft style construction game, set in a solar system.  Sample screen shots are attached below (background1, 2, 3).

I'm looking for an overall style for the UI, not detailed icons.  I've attached some samples from other games.  I like the hand-drawn look of "And Yet It Moves."  I'd like to see someone try a blueprint-inspired UI.  COGS has very elaborate controls.  I wonder if a rube-goldberg style could be applied to controls?  Portal2 has a very simple look based on their panels.  Can you do a minecraft style UI based around blocks?

I'm looking for something with an engineering, technical or construction inspiration.  Something that looks like blueprints, circuit diagrams, or exploded parts diagrams.  Mad scientist style?

Please just shoot ideas at me, without fussing over details.  I'm looking for a concept, not a detailed design.