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Shirtbot! The Shirt-Producing Robot needs an icon.

Blair186 ran a icon or button contest — Custom package.

99designs was great to use. I would definitely use their service again.
- Blair186

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Winner - kariagekun
I cannot recommend Kariagekun enough. Not only was the design standard and execution outstanding, every change was implemented extraordinarily quickly despite the high-end graphics involved in our logo.
- Martin and Andrew
Finalist - finalidea
Finalidea has delivered once again! Great experience.
- Wesley Q
Finalist - Hellomisterkraft
Very nice designer to work with. Helped a lot in customizing the icon to suite my requirements
- Dsreddytech

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We do professionally screen printed shirts, printed on demand, and drop-shipped to your customer.

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Please take a look at our current logo at .

You can see the green robot there. I want to make a robot "icon" with more of a "3D" feel to it like most Mac App icons. For example, I've had an icon designed in the past for a software project - I also really like the icon used on

The catch is that while I want this robot to look a little more 3D like the shopify icon, it still needs to be able to be flattened to a single color and still look like a robot. In other words, I need a "mac app icon" that can also be screen printed or embroidered on a shirt or jacket in a single color and still look like a robot.

Notice how the shopify icon shopping bag looks nice and 3D, but if you added a single color overlay (e.g. in photoshop), you would still be able to tell it's a shopping bag.

The robot that I have up there already is a good starting point, but I need to make my robot materially different than this one. One thing I like about the existing robot is that it has a large, flat box chest/abdomen - I am going to have a video animator use this robot in a video where t-shirts are flying out of a hole in his chest - as if he is a shirt-producing robot.

Another thing I like about the existing one is that it is sort of "retro" looking.

The icon needs to be delivered in large dimensions of course. I can always scale down to make smaller later. Large means at least 3 inches wide at 300dpi (or perhaps I can vectorize later?).

I've attached the shopify logo and the current shirtbot logo.