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Set of 6 icons for technology company

SafeSystems ran a icon or button contest — Gold package.


Some of the designers who made it happen

Winner - stefano cat
It was a pleasure working with Stefano. He acts very professional and highly responsive. I appreciated his creativity which was in line with the brief. We managed to get the logo and all files very quickly. Top!
- laylasofie

How SafeSystems started their icon or button journey

Background information

Organization name

Safe Systems

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We provide technology solutions to banks and credit unions within the US. All of our solutions help the financial institution with compliance regulations. We are a managed service provider (not just monitor, we provide support as well). We offer several hosted solutions: Exchange, data backup/vaulting, and disaster recovery (server replication).

What industry do you think your business is most related to?


Content details

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

6 Icons needed
• Size = 128X128
• Format = PNG

General expectation of submitted icons:
• Simple
• Clean
• Audience: our clients are banks and credit unions. They usually are more on the conservative design side.
• We’ll provide some suggestions for each icon but if you have another idea we’d love to see it!
Icons primary colors should be white and blue (R: 0, G: 96, B: 198)
• The icon should be a folder with an image on each folder to represent the service
o A blue folder with white images is one direction we are looking to explore
• Icons should be similar in style to the Apple/iPad/iPhone look and feel or the App market place on Apple
• Used as set so should be consistency between icons

Descriptions of each icon/service to be represented:
Email Service – Icon represents hosted email solution based on Microsoft Exchange. Icon will link to reports for this service. A possibility is an envelope or envelope with lines or the @ symbol.

Vaulting/Backup Service- Icon represents a hosted backup solution which stores data for customers in a centralized location over the internet. Icon will link to reports for this service. One example would be to use a safe or lock for this icon.

Management – Icon represents a collection of high level reports for a manager to review. An executive summary type report would be included here. Icon links to these reports. One example may be a bar graph icon.

Network Monitoring Service/Remote Control Service/Alerting Service- Icon represents a service that gathers data from a lot of different machines and provides this data in a website for the customer to review. It also alerts customers of issues found in the event viewer and provides remote control access to devices. One example may be two computers linked together via a cable.

Network/IT Support- Icon represents a call center where end users can call in for technical/IT support. Icon links to reports about Support issues over a given period of time. One example may be a phone headset.

All Reports- Icon would represent the customer. Icon links to all customer reports. Our customers are typically a bank or credit union so the icon here may be a generic icon of a bank.

Please see the attached Word doc for screen-shots of the program where the icons will be used as well as some existing icons that we like the look and feel of.