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Cathy1988 ran a icon or button contest — Bronze package.


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Oliver B

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We are a manufacturer specializing in modern, contemporary baby bedding and small clothing items.  Our target audience is parents and caregivers.

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We are looking for a "Branding" icon (emblem) to be put on our new clothing line. We are striving to have the same name recognition with this icon as Polo, & Lacoste etc.

We need something small, that can be easily embroidered, and has a sophisticated, contemporary look. We are open to all ideas including animals, letters, modern art etc. We initially tried to incorporate the letters OZ or O to the 3rd power. We like the letter O because the owner has 3 boys with names that start with the letter O. However, it isn't a deal breaker if we don't use an "O". 

We are looking for something simple, yet sophisticated.  As discussed above, this will not be for use on our tag, but will be directly embroidered on the clothing.  This will be our signature emblem, such as the "horse" is to Polo or "RL" is to Ralph Lauren. 

Thanks in advance for all your designs!