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Logo/Icon redesign needed for our iOS app!

Humble Daisy picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just $249 they received 61 designs from 13 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Logo/Icon redesign needed for our iOS app!


Help take our good icon and make it GREAT!

Background information

Organization name

Humble Daisy

Description of the organization and its target audience

I am the co-founder of Humble Daisy, Inc, a small software company. Humble Daisy was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing simple and elegant solutions for those who appreciate such things. We like working with people who understand the importance of putting their users first and work diligently to make user centered designs.



Content details


Redesign application icon for our iOS application. What we are looking for is adopting our current icon/logo into a "photo album" or 'journal' look. The basis of the icon would be the book, possibly with photos sliding out of the pages, and with a recording/microphone element on the cover. (I am picturing the book closed.)

Our existing logo is attached.

The icon/logo needs to be vector based (Illustrator preferred) and able to fit (and look great) in the square icon format. The icon must be clearly identifiable when surrounded by other icons on an iOS device. The icon should look good small and when scaled large. I want the logo to be inviting, warm, and fun. It is a consumer application that should evoke approachability. The icon needs to invoke the idea of multimedia creation from pictures/images that have audio added. I have some ideas, that I am willing to share..

We are the makers of SonicPics. The idea behind our app is for our users to be able to narrate and share groups of their photos with family and friends. Users will likely be traveling and active. The typical user work flow for the application allows the user to select a series of images from their phone (or take new pictures using the built in camera) to assemble a recording project. They can then narrate the series of images as they scroll through them (like giving a slide show and recording the narration). The user can then publish their recording to YouTube or their blog. The closest market equivalent is users who post content on YouTube and/or Facebook.