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Instanote - a Stylish and Captivating Icon Wanted

Oreadings ran a icon or button contest — Silver package.


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Runner-up design by Pine Studio
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Winner - John X.
This designer showed a lot of effort and creativity. He made requested changes within short time! Great work!
- Office2041

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Background information

Organization name


Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

We are building Instanote , a cross-platform short note taking application that syncs flawlessly and is ubiquitous to capture short messages. It could be a line of lyric, poem, sparkling idea, or just some random thought you want to capture before they are gone.

Instanote will be available to download for most major platforms, iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac and Windows etc..

there are a few key words for Instanote,
1, instant, fast
2, simple
3, ubiquitous

What industry do you think your business is most related to?


Content details

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

We are looking for an elegant, simple and creative icon that we can use for iOS app, Chrome Extension, Mac and Windows App, etc.. This icon should embody the spirit of the application - light, fast, ubiquitous ( always being around ) and also the mission of the application - to capture the ideas before they are gone. it would be a plus if this icon could be attractive and memorable.

We are open to varieties of designs, so please feel free to be creative but please keep it stylish and simple.

However, PLEASE DO NOT limit yourself to this. We DON NOT want to limit your imagination and creativity. a designer's original and creative idea is more desired and welcome !

## Requirements ##
our only two requirements are listed below.

#Category: Productivity
#Style: Elegant, Stylish, Clean, Fresh,

we are waiting for some designs to amaze us.