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Trevor McKendrick ran a icon or button contest — Silver package.


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Winner - Jobyboom
Great design! Would love to work with again!
- Trevor McKendrick
Finalist - V.Bakanas
V.Bakanas provided a great design and was quick to respond to any requested changes or variations. It was a pleasure to work together.
- Labosu K.K.
Finalist - A d i t y a
Aditya is a great designer. Nailed it!
- nicolai afseus
Finalist - capulagå™
Great job! Thank you!
- hisenberg

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La Biblia Reina Valera LLC

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We make Spanish Bible apps for Latin Americans in the US

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Hi there!

I have a Spanish Bible app finished in the app store that is pretty simple and basic. I'm now looking to add an audiobook component to the app.

I've attached a screenshot of the VERY rough mockup that I've sketched out. I'm looking for you to pretty up the design of this page. Specifically, I need:

1. The 5 buttons shown in the mockup
2. The background image. I kinda like having a book in the background but I'm very open to other ideas. (Please note that this is in Spanish, so the book image you create for the background must have the text "La Santa Biblia.")
3. The slider
4. Button on bottom right corner of reading mode (see below and screenshot for more detail).

The black title bar has to stay the same, and the basic position of the buttons and sliderbar should stay the same. But the design of the 4 things mentioned above are all up for grabs.

Let me explain what each button does, from left to right:
1. Go back 30 seconds
2. Go to previous chapter/beginning of current chapter.
3. Play/Pause (I'll need both a play and pause button)
4. Go to next chapter
5. Go back to reading mode.

The slider moves as the book plays and is used to go back/forward within the current chapter.

I've attached a screenshot of the app as it is now. This is "reading mode." I'll also need an icon that looks like headphones or something similar to go in the space shown in the screenshot. When the user taps that icon the screen will flip around to the "audiobook mode" that you have designed.