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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Create the next icon or button design for Vigilant Solutions (formerly Vigilant Video)


We sell technology solutions to law enforcement at the local, state and Federal levels

Background information

Organization name

Vigilant Solutions (formerly Vigilant Video)

Description of the organization and its target audience

We sell technology solutions to law enforcement at the local, state and Federal levels.



Content details


We are wanting to launch a campaign that presents our different products as "apps" to make our solutions more palatable and easy to understand for the uninformed customers.

I would like to have a series of "app" icons that can be used in PowerPoint, print, and perhaps even trade show graphics.

The apps will need to be high resolution and available in jpg, bmp, png, and PhotoShop (pds) formats. The icons should be visually intuitive for the subject matter, and complement our company logo (attached) and website (development website at The website is still a work in progress, but you can get a feel for the look.

I need icons for the following:
 License Plate Query (looking up a license plate number in a law enforcement database)
 Vigilant Vehicle Location System (similar to license plate query but from a larger database of national information)
 Associate Analysis (looking up a suspect's license plate and finding other license plates commonly seen in close proximity to the suspect - perhaps his associates)
 Crime Location Analysis (plotting different crime scenes on a map and looking for license plates that have been seen around the different crime scenes)
 Address Surveillance (just what it sounds like...a report that gives intelligence on an address)
 Find a Suspect (a report that looks for a suspect's license plate and tells you where the suspect is most likely to be seen given historical information)
 Public Records Lookup (just like it sounds...a basic query tool for public records)
 FaceCheck (facial recognition to match a face against a criminal database)
 Mobile Companion (taking a picture of a license plate with a smart phone and sending that information in for a check against law enforcement databases)
 HotList Setup (this is an administrative tool to set up databases of license plates that are of interest to law enforcement)
 User Management (administrative tool - self explanatory)
 Agency Management (Administrative tool - self explanatory - "agency" refers to law enforcement agency)
 Data Sharing (administrative tool to establish data sharing capabilities between different law enforcement agencies)
 Vigilant (this is just simply for show, incorporate the attached "V" company logo)

All icons will be awarded to a single designer; unless I see a strong reason to separate these out for multiple contest winners.

Please use your creativity, and feel free to message me if there are questions.

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