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Create the next icon or button design for SKINNYprices

DanMcGuire picked a winning design in their icon or button contest. For just $299 they received 212 designs from 60 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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Create the next icon or button design for SKINNYprices


We are a plug-in for e-commerce companies that turns browsers into buyers by enticing them with a variable discount marketplace

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We are a plug-in for e-commerce companies that turns browsers into buyers by enticing them with a variable discount marketplace in exchange for viewing a brief video advertisement.

Here is what our international patent pending technology does:
Basically, we put a button next to "add to cart" button that allows users to click, watch an ad, and be shown a lower price than retail. They can buy or pass. The price will continue to discount until finally it is at a value that motivates a purchase. So, imagine all the products on an e-commerce site discounting independently creating a thrilling browsing experience where at every click a browser could stumble upon a highly discounted product they desire.

Quick Kinetic Word Video:



Content details


We are looking to design the button that will sit near the "Add to Cart" button. We are open to any concepts for this. We just ask you use the registered trademark "SKINNYprice". SKINNY is all in caps and price is all in lowercase and their is no space. Other than that feel free to think outside the box. I had attached some stuff I worked up but I'm no designer. My thoughts were... because the user has to watch a video (a play button) but because at the end they save money (throw in a $) this might be thinking too literal???

Here is a link to our visual prototype:
No making fun of my button I made. (You can see why I am on here. hahaha)

Another thing I messed around with making a diorama and had a square headed toy as the mascot. I was thinking that the his head could be the video player. So having SP on the sides of the box and maybe a play button on the front or something inside the box. just throwing out ideas.

Next... after designing the button we will open up another project for the video player that will popup when the a user presses the button. I mention this so perhaps their is a overall theme.

Well, really excited about this and look forward to working with everyone.


So once again. User is shopping at a site like and sees a pair of black pumps for $50. The user sees this exciting "SKINNYprice" button that is jumping out at her that she can not resist pressing. She presses it and a video player pops-up with a quick "How it Work" video. She watches a funny video commercial. Then she is presented with a new price for those sexy black pumps. ($42.30) Shes has 60 seconds to buy or pass. ohh.. What to do? She says, "I deserve those shoes!" and buys them.

Have a great day everyone and thank you for taking the time. ;o)


Let's trying thinking a bit more outside the box than just a play button with a dollar sign. 

Maybe there could be two play buttons and those are eyes. 

Maybe play button could be surrounded something like headphones that are $ signs. 

Maybe the play button could have options around it like (25% off, 50%off, 75%, 100% off) 

Maybe the play button has feet.

Maybe a play button that says SAVE. 

Maybe Play = Save

Or instead of play pause. How about Play button and then dollar sign inside arrow down.

Just trying to create a logo that is uniquely SKINNYprice's. People see that an go Oh ya. That's the watch an ad and save a ton of money.

Here are some link's for ideas. Maybe something around play button Options to put things around play button Instead of Play pause maybe Play/$ or Play/Save Liked 3D look /totally different button to make you think different Another 3d Button Different way to represent the chance of play 

Hope this opens up some ideas.