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Contest title


Create Mobile App Icon for Coinbolt Bitcoin Security Software


Coinbolt is a Bitcoin wallet software. Like Paypal, but for Bitcoins instead of dollars. (Bitcoins are an internet cu...

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Coinbolt is a Bitcoin wallet software. Like Paypal, but for Bitcoins instead of dollars. (Bitcoins are an internet currency).



Content details


I'd like an icon for my iPhone and Android app named Coinbolt.

Note: I prefer simplicity above everthing. In other words, I like flat over skeuomorphic designs. The icon should look like it belongs and not out of place on iOS7. It should also look unique to a brand and not something generic.

1) I prefer simplicity over all else. If it looks like it took you 10 minutes to design, I'm alright with that if it looks good. i.e. don't overcomplicate it.
2) I'd like the icon to communicate security in some way (hence "bolt" in the name... as in lock). Maybe try concepts with a bank safe, or a wallet with a lock.
3) Must work on both Android and iPhone. So, I think this means .PNG file?
4) At least one file with a 1024x1024 resolution.

5) Shouldn't contain any text in the icon.

6) Submit the icon with it compared to other iOS7 icons.

Bonus Points:

1) The app will eventually come in two separate flavors. A Bitcoin version and a Litecoin version. "Lite" in "Litecoin" doesn't imply less features, it's just a different type of internet currency. A familiar analogy for these currencies is that Bitcoin is like gold and Litecoin is like silver. So, it'd be great to see two versions of the icon, one for Bitcoin and one for Litecoin. Maybe one with a gold/yellowish shade and the other with a silver/grayish shade? But not combined together in the same version.

2) I'd like the following resolutions: 1024x1024, 512x512, 152x152, 76x76, 120x120, 60x60. If this is too much trouble, just stick with the 1024x1024 version.

3) PSD, Illustrator, or SVG file. (I'm not sure if this is cross the boundaries by asking for this??)


1) Concepts with lightning bolt.

2) Concepts with a shield.


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