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99designs and SmartShoot have teamed up to make it simple to hire a professional photographer, wherever and whenever you need one.

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Hire a photographer to capture the moment

Whether you’re launching a new marketing promotion, creating your website or building your brand, book a photo shoot with one of our local, professional photographers, and they’ll capture exactly what you need.

Meet our partners, the super-talented folks at SmartShoot!
  • Custom photography that fits your brand
  • Vetted photographers that come to you (US only)
  • Packages start at US$299

100% money back guarantee

Any questions?

All your burning photography production FAQs answered. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us

SmartShoot is a creative platform that connects you with on-location photographers who produce custom and affordable photos for your brand.

All sorts of custom photos can be produced for your brand, including product shoots, website photography, real estate photography, corporate portraits and marketing promotions—just to name a few.

Have an idea but not sure if it will work? Feel free to contact us to discuss your idea, and we’ll get you started in the right direction.

Your brief is the planning document used to match you with the best photographer.

Great briefs are detailed, so come prepared with the information about your project, including: how your photos will be used, your location, your target audience, your style preferences, and links to examples of photos that fit your project.

Our professional freelance photographers have experience with all types of photo shoots. They’re experts in bringing the creativity you need in a style that matches your brand.

All of our freelance photographers are US-based and located in your city to ensure shooting is as efficient as possible.

We use the details you provide in your brief to match you with the perfect photographer who can also come to your location.

Ideally, yes. However, we understand scheduling can be difficult. If you’re not able to make it, make sure you have someone at the shooting site to represent you and your brand.

Yes, you can (and should) absolutely talk before the shoot! Conversations will ensure that you and your photographer are on the same page. After you submit your brief and we match you with a photographer, you’ll be able to start communicating.

Because every photographer is unique, we can’t guarantee an exact amount of time. When you select your project package and work through the project timeline with your photographer, you’ll get a good range of how long they expect the project to take.

You’ll pay for your photos up front, which ensures your project can move forward with your photographer. We accept credit cards & PayPal.

All packages allow for one round of revisions to ensure that your photos are exactly as you want them. Our Premium package offers advanced editing like blemish removal and perspective correction.

Additional revisions are an additional cost. You can work this out directly with your photographer.

We recommend scheduling shoots during the day to take advantage of natural and available lighting. Some photographers will bring additional lighting, but you’ll need to discuss this with your photographer after you submit your brief.

If for any reason you’d like to refund your Basic or Premium shoot once you’ve purchased, we’re happy to provide a full refund so long as you cancel 48 hours before the date of your shoot. Any refund requests for custom projects will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For all legal mumbo jumbo please read the Terms of Service

Photography examples

Check out some recent examples from our happy customers.

Retail photography shot of retail storefront with wooden a-frame sign on sidewalk”
Retail photography shot of display of three candles with white packaging and leather labels
Professional retail photography of a storefront with glass windows and doors.
Retail photography closeup of skincare products
Retail photography shot of wall display with all black clothing and accessories
Retail photography shot of three black leather handbags on a display table.
Retail photography shot of wall display with white floating shelves
Retail photography shot of retail shop from front to back.
Retail photography shot of salesperson behind the counter
Retail photography shot of merchandise display, black dress on dress form and shelves of magazines.
Retail photography shot of storefront exterior from across the street
Retail photography shot of merchandise display with four floating shelves
Retail photography shot of store interior
Retail photography shot of company logo on window
Retail photography shot of large floor mirror and merchandise of floating shelves.
Fashion photo shoot - Viscera Clothing + Jewellery Shop
Food photographer framing the shot
Food photographer framing the shot of food and packaging
Food photographer framing the shot of desserts
Food photography shot of chocolate mousse dessert
Food photography shot of three desserts on a plate with a plant in the background
Food photography shot of chocolate mousse dessert on a plate
Food photography shot of chocolate mousse dessert on a plate - alternative view
Flat lay photography shot of food and drinks on a table
Food photographer framing the shot of a food flat lay
Food photographer framing a flat lay photo of food, drinks and dessert.
Food photography flat lay of pizza and two salads
Food photo shoot
Professional photographer framing a brand photography shot of shoes.
Brand photography shot of female model wearing rain boots
Professional photographer framing a brand photography shot of woman in a denim jacket.
Professional photographer framing a brand photography shot of model on a bench.
Professional photography taking a brand photography shot of a woman standing on the embarcadero in SF
Professional photographer framing a closeup brand photography shot of woman in a denim jacket and black jumpsuit
Brand photography shot of woman with beverage
Product branding photo shoot

Pricing packages

We have two photography packages for you to choose from.

Great for quick and simple shoots with limited editing.
Best for those who need more images and advanced editing.
Number of photos
Number of photos
8 edited photos
Number of photos
15 edited photos
Single location
Single location
Single location
Color correction
Color correction
Color correction
Exposure correction
Exposure correction
Exposure correction
Perspective correction
Perspective correction
Perspective correction
Blemish removal
Blemish removal
Blemish removal

How to hire a photographer

Filling out a design brief to hire a photographer on 99designs

1. Tell us what you want

We start by asking you a few simple questions about your photography project and the details of your shoot location and date.

Product demo image for getting matched with a photographer on 99designs

2. Get matched with a photographer

Based on your brief, we’ll match you with the best local photographer for your project. We make it flexible and easy to schedule a day and time for your shoot.

Product demo image for photo editing on 99designs

3. Capture the moment

On the day of the shoot, your photographer will arrive on site to capture all of the images you need. After just a few days of editing, they’ll upload the final shots for you to review and request revisions. Once approved, you can download your digital files and get the full copyright. Now you’re ready to showcase your brand to the world!

Picture this: a freelance photographer just for you

Wherever and whenever you need one

Reclaimed wood counter retail photography and photographer framing the shot
Pro freelance photographers everywhere from Seattle to Miami

99designs has partnered with SmartShoot, a creative platform, to bring you professional photography for your brand. Their US-based network of talented photographers is ready to work on projects of different types, sizes and budgets. Based on your project, we’ll match you with the right local photographer who will capture the style and energy of your products and services.

See photography examples

Top quality, affordable pricing

Basic US$299

Great for quick and simple shoots with limited editing.

Premium US$699

Best for those who need more images and advanced editing.

Every one of your photos will be picture-perfect and capture the heart and soul of your brand. Choose from two packages, each with flexible options depending on your needs. Stunning photos are just moments away!

See pricing packages

Perfect, polished pics

Your photographer cares about every shot they take. They'll edit every digital file, and deliver photos that are as one-of-a-kind as you and your brand.

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