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5 successful email newsletters you can learn from

Starting a newsletter is pretty easy, thanks to tools like Mailchimp, Benchmark Email and Constant Contact. But starting a newsletter that people actually want to read? That’s much harder. First, we’ll show you five examples of well-executed email newsletters. Then, we’ll dive into which model is best for your specific goals and product. 1. Maple Maple... Read More

October 9th By

How to ace your next folded brochure

With the rise of web-based marketing, the golden age of the folded brochure may be over. As a result, many up-and-coming designers today aren’t learning the basic terms, protocols and skills for that type of design. That’s a problem, because while folded brochures may be less prevalent than they once were, they are not going away entirely. As... Read More

October 8th By

8 free fonts we’re falling for this October

In the spirit of October, here are 8 free fall fonts perfect for the changing season. Below, you’ll see how fonts not typically associated with fall can enter into that world through the simple use of color and texture! 1. Making a List Checking it Twice Making a List Checking it Twice is hand drawn font that was created... Read More

October 7th By

Into the world of post-logo branding

In 2009, the Los Angeles clothing company Freshjive decided to take a new approach to branding. Specifically, they got rid of their logo. And the funny thing was, they didn’t replace it. From 2010 on, no insignia would appear on their shirt fronts, their labels, their website—anywhere. Ten years after the publication of Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Freshjive were to be a brand... Read More

October 6th By

Unique ways to integrate your logo into social media branding

Contemporary companies know from the get-go that social media is going to be an essential part of their marketing plan – it’s inescapable! So they have to think, from the very conception of their branding, how they’re going to use their logo across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. While the majority of brands are... Read More

October 5th By

Congrats to ARCHlogo for winning September’s Top 9!

Well the votes are in and the people have spoken! We’d like to extend a big congratulations to ARCHlogo for their impressive 3D rendering of a compact and sophisticated ice cream cart: And let’s not forget about September’s other nominees: Piere d’Arterie REN:D Lumix Production Jecakp leesydesigns hlhector SilverFox Design Toi Li They’ll all be... Read More

October 2nd By

Be featured in our Platinum showcase!

This October, we’re promoting our top Platinum designers to the world with the Platinum showcase! The three designers that go above and beyond this month will be crowned the: 99 Platinum Top Winner: Designer with the most wins 99 Platinum Most Shortlisted: Designer shortlisted the most 99 Platinum Master of all trades: Designer shortlisted in the most categories Each... Read More

October 1st By

Tap into these brilliant beer trends

Oktoberfest is in full swing, so we thought there’d be no better way to celebrate than with a refreshing look at the world’s best beer packaging trends. Breweries have long been revered as a space for creative experimentation – both in flavor and design. And with the growing popularity of the craft beer movement, there’s no better... Read More

September 30th By

The best coffee packaging designs (in America)

It’s National Coffee Day, and never before have we had so much to be thankful for. Over the past ten years, the number of independent roasters in the U.S. has absolutely exploded. Portland, Oregon alone was at one point home to nearly fifty (and that was in 2012). Much like the similarly ballooning craft beer movement, the coffee... Read More

September 29th By

Dan matches vintage style with the right clients

Dan Vencatachellum (or -Dan, as many of you know him) has made a career out of vintage aesthetics and clever typography. Dodging the pitfalls of cliche retro graphics, his designs ring true for breweries, smokehouses and other clients looking for branding rich in heritage. Hailing from the small island of Mauritius, Dan has built his freelance career... Read More

September 28th By