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It’s time to vote! Introducing October’s Top 9 at 99

Choosing our Top 9 nominees is always a difficult decision and October was no exception. Here are the nine designs that rose to the top – now it’s your turn to vote for the best of the best. Scroll down and vote for your favorite design. The winner will be awarded with an extra special proze.... Read More

October 22nd By

Get to know Paula Scher, titan of postmodern design

It’s hard to believe that a single creative mind could be responsible for both the polished corporate-ness of the Citibank logo and the loudly expressive poster designs of historic Public Theater productions like Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk. Yet this all-embracing sensibility is the calling card of Paula Scher, a reigning titan in a heavily male-dominated industry. After... Read More

October 21st By

7 resources to improve your English online

The ultimate goal of the internet is communication. It allows us to impart our ideas over distance, over any period of time, in written, audio, and visual formats, and to others from any point on the world. It also allows people from all over the globe to work together to form communities and collaborate, creating things like amazing graphic... Read More

October 20th By

Build a visual style guide for your brand identity

Every designer worth his or her salt knows that branding is much, much more than just a logo. But that’s not always gonna be the case with your clients, as some of them may not realize just how much a branding scheme affects the perception of their company. As a designer, it’s one of your jobs... Read More

October 19th By

These cider packaging designs are the apple of our eye

Craft beer may get all the credit, but as the leaves start to change and apple picking season kicks off – we can’t help but turn our attention to the wildly creative world of cider packaging. Whether you take your cider hard or fresh, there’s a whole booming industry surrounding its packaging design. These designs are wildly... Read More

October 17th By

5 UX tips for emotional engagement

Sometimes you’ve got an amazing logo, website or design experience and it just doesn’t click. The work is innovative and crisp, but isn’t making the emotional connection to your customer that you want. What’s a business to do? You’ve got to dig a little deeper. The best designs aren’t the ones that simply look stylish... Read More

October 16th By

How 99Spy built a full-time career on 99designs

Spyros Tsimouris (aka 99Spy) has been a prominent member of 99designs since 2012. A self-proclaimed “Workaholic Designer,”  he’s also stepped up to the plate as one of our Forum moderators and a fantastic mentor for our community. Early on, he began working full-time on 99designs and today boasts a global client portfolio and a diversified skillset – ready to jump... Read More

October 15th By

5 ways to make an adaptable logo

Since the rise of dynamic logos, designers have been exploring many ways of making adaptable logos for different applications. As clients’ needs continue to transform, it’s helpful to explore new and innovative ways to make branding more flexible. Here are 5 ways to get you started! 1. Open up the parameters of your logo Logo design: Experimental Jetset... Read More

October 14th By

At the intersection of art and technology

The world’s most creative people are hellbent on finding ways to use technology to allow audiences to see in new ways. And hear in new ways. And feel in new ways. The more we discover about how people perceive and interact with the world on a physical level, the more we want to learn to experiment with that perception. We... Read More

October 13th By

5 questions to ask your clients after reading their brief

Design is fun! For that reason it’s hard not to jump right into the creative process right after reading a client brief. The common issue with this, however, is that important points of conversation go unsaid, and the designer ends up doing a lot more work than was originally necessary. Asking questions saves time and energy.... Read More

October 12th By