3 ways to make your next PowerPoint pop

While PowerPoint design may not offer the same possibilities as Illustrator or Photoshop, it is still a big part of the professional world for it’s slide presentation functionality. With that said, the cold hard fact is that slide shows need to be designed too and that is often what graphic designers are asked for by clients. The easy route would be... Read More

August 10th By

Tips for better data visualization

Charts and graphs, not words, are the real substance of Powerpoint presentations, infographics, business brochures and just about every other data-oriented design product. If you want to keep a client coming back for more, you’re going to have to get an edge on the software-generated templates. Here’s how. 1. Know your chart types First off, there’s... Read More

August 6th By

Tips for starting out as a beginning designer

Beginning designers definitely don’t have it easy in this day and age. The competition is fierce and it’s easy to get discouraged at square one. Here are some tips to get yourself out of the opening gate and move forward with confidence. 1. Get your hands on the programs Screenshot: adobe.com The first tip is... Read More

August 5th By

14 motivating ways to brainstorm by yourself

Not long ago, working as an independent freelancer in a creative industry would have been seen as a handicap. Given a design brief, how are you supposed to brainstorm ideas without the input of other people? In the last decade, however, numerous studies have revealed that conventional “brainstorming” is actually a pretty bad idea. It... Read More

August 4th By

Cheat Sheet: Choose the right file types for your design

Ever been confused about which file types to use when designing? Whether you want images to load faster on a website or are shipping your work off to a printer, it can be confusing to known which format to work in and what needs to be delivered at the end. The wrong file type can turn something that should be an... Read More

July 31st By

How to develop an eye for good design

Design is everywhere. In that light, we can use the world around us as a tool for developing an eye for design. The following tips can serve as a start for developing that eye in the context of our surroundings. 1. Tune in to your first impressions David Evers (via Flickr) One mark of a... Read More

July 28th By

3 simple ways to manage your freelance workload

The beautiful thing about freelancing is its pure possibility — there’s always a new project on the horizon. You apply your skills to new projects and work with all sorts of people, and it’s exhilarating. And tiring. As you become more successful and start to accumulate work, the more overlap you have between jobs. So... Read More

July 27th By

A brief history of cultural tattoo design

Tattoos have seen a popular upswing as of late. Stroll through a neighborhood in San Francisco or Brooklyn during the summer and you’re bound to see a riot of color painted onto skin, peeking out of tank tops and shorts. But it’s not a new trend, for thousands of years people have been implementing that ink, whether for... Read More

July 24th By

Boost your skills with these fun typography games

Typography, like any expertise, can only be truly mastered with practice – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! What better way to spiff up your design skills than with some fun online games? We’ve compiled a collection of entertaining typography games sure to test your knowledge. Pair typefaces at rapid speed, identify fonts in... Read More

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