15 vibrant online tools that make color simple

There’s no reason for your designs to look drab – especially when it comes to color. A quick glance online and you’ll find a stockpile of color scheme apps ready to help you learn, play and perfect your next palette. From clever Hex code games to comprehensive color wheels, here are 15 of our favorite free color... Read More

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How to use typography principles creatively

There are no rules in typography. It can be refined, it can be messy or it can be abstract. With that said, having a grasp of the fundamental typography principles can be helpful in taking typography in the aesthetic direction you want it to go. This article breaks down the three main typography principles – leading, kerning and... Read More

October 26th By

Rounding up the best productivity tips from 99U

Overwhelmed by your workload? Our friends at 99U are here to help with another batch of articles to guide you towards better productivity, organization and work/life balance. Browse cool apps, learn how to tackle your to-do lists, rethink the structure of your workday and more. Enjoy! 10 productivity apps every freelancer needs Making a living as... Read More

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7 resources to improve your English online

The ultimate goal of the internet is communication. It allows us to impart our ideas over distance, over any period of time, in written, audio, and visual formats, and to others from any point on the world. It also allows people from all over the globe to work together to form communities and collaborate, creating things like amazing graphic... Read More

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Build a visual style guide for your brand identity

Every designer worth his or her salt knows that branding is much, much more than just a logo. But that’s not always gonna be the case with your clients, as some of them may not realize just how much a branding scheme affects the perception of their company. As a designer, it’s one of your jobs... Read More

October 19th By

5 UX tips for emotional engagement

Sometimes you’ve got an amazing logo, website or design experience and it just doesn’t click. The work is innovative and crisp, but isn’t making the emotional connection to your customer that you want. What’s a business to do? You’ve got to dig a little deeper. The best designs aren’t the ones that simply look stylish... Read More

October 16th By

5 questions to ask your clients after reading their brief

Design is fun! For that reason it’s hard not to jump right into the creative process right after reading a client brief. The common issue with this, however, is that important points of conversation go unsaid, and the designer ends up doing a lot more work than was originally necessary. Asking questions saves time and energy.... Read More

October 12th By

5 successful email newsletters you can learn from

Starting a newsletter is pretty easy, thanks to tools like Mailchimp, Benchmark Email and Constant Contact. But starting a newsletter that people actually want to read? That’s much harder. First, we’ll show you five examples of well-executed email newsletters. Then, we’ll dive into which model is best for your specific goals and product. 1. Maple Maple... Read More

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How to ace your next folded brochure

With the rise of web-based marketing, the golden age of the folded brochure may be over. As a result, many up-and-coming designers today aren’t learning the basic terms, protocols and skills for that type of design. That’s a problem, because while folded brochures may be less prevalent than they once were, they are not going away entirely. As... Read More

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8 free fonts we’re falling for this October

In the spirit of October, here are 8 free fall fonts perfect for the changing season. Below, you’ll see how fonts not typically associated with fall can enter into that world through the simple use of color and texture! 1. Making a List Checking it Twice Making a List Checking it Twice is hand drawn font that was created... Read More

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