Grow your creative business with these tips from 99U

Trying to take your career to the next level? This month we’re rounding up a series of six articles from 99U that help you do just that. From resume and portfolio building to attracting the right kind of clients, we hope these tips help build your freelance business! The 6 Fundamentals of Client Building For... Read More

September 18th By

A look back at 30 years of Super Mario Bros

This past weekend, Super Mario Bros turned a whopping 30 years old! While some things – like those signature blue dungarees – never change, Mario’s makeovers through the years have been a fascinating indication of the forever changing gaming landscape. From the 8-bit hero that helped launch the Nintendo empire to the slick, 3D character of today, Super Mario continues to thrill... Read More

September 14th By

5 types of brochure design (and what to include)

Not all marketing activity is easy to measure – sometimes you need to trust your experience over the security of metrics. In the case of brochure design, it can be especially difficult to determine your effectiveness. Print costs don’t always scale in a linear a fashion, which means you’re likely to print only one version at a time and won’t... Read More

September 10th By

Tips for developing your creative career from 99U

Our friends over at 99U talk a lot about career development. Whether you’re fresh to the design field or have decades of experience, it’s always a great idea to keep pushing yourself. This month, we’ve rounded up six articles that tackle the challenges of taking your career to the next level. Enjoy! The power of... Read More

September 3rd By

10 ways to use space more effectively

We often spend so much time talking about what goes into a design that we forget the importance of what to leave out. Your use of space – and how you allow your design to breathe – will make or break your layout. In this article, we’ll walk you through 10 ways to use space... Read More

September 2nd By

6 unique geometric fonts you need in your toolkit

Typography is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing areas of design and has a huge bearing on the overall UX of your work. Indeed, typography gives us the chance to evoke moods and feelings in the users just by selecting the appropriate fonts for the circumstance. In both websites and mobile applications, sans-serif fonts... Read More

September 1st By

Exploring pop culture’s subversive sticker art culture

The thing I love most about stickers it is how they show that a simple graphic or design can get into the sub-conscience of society and become part of the visual zeitgeist for the next ten or twenty years. -DB Burkman, Co-author (with Monica LoCascio) of Stickers: Stuck Up Piece of Crap – From Punk... Read More

August 26th By

How to develop your eye for stock photography

Developing an eye for photography is usually in reference to shooting pictures with a camera. While as a designer you may not have to know enough to take your own photographs, you should know how to select the best ones. You need to be able to look at photography critically, understanding how the image functions so that you... Read More

August 24th By

6 creative block-busting skills from 99U

Everyone has their off days. But when a deadline’s fast approaching, you can’t afford an unexpected creative slump. Below, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite articles that will help you knock creative block to the curb. We hope they help inspire you for your next project! Why you should carry a notebook with you everywhere... Read More

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