Unique ways to integrate your logo into social media branding

Contemporary companies know from the get-go that social media is going to be an essential part of their marketing plan – it’s inescapable! So they have to think, from the very conception of their branding, how they’re going to use their logo across the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. While the majority of brands are... Read More

October 5th By

Tap into these brilliant beer trends

Oktoberfest is in full swing, so we thought there’d be no better way to celebrate than with a refreshing look at the world’s best beer packaging trends. Breweries have long been revered as a space for creative experimentation – both in flavor and design. And with the growing popularity of the craft beer movement, there’s no better... Read More

September 30th By

How to design a die cut sticker

Everyone loves a cool sticker, especially when you can let your imagination run wild with a custom made design. But instead of using the standard square or rectangle shapes, why not create a unique die cut sticker shape to make your work shine? “Die cut” simply means cutting material – in this case adhesive paper – into a specific shape using a metal die,... Read More

September 25th By

How to create stunning photo manipulations using stock imagery

Photo manipulation has come a long way from tweaking celebrities to give them brighter smiles. It’s an entire art form, one used from something as quotidian as combining buildings to create a unique city skyline or collage one of those so-hot-right-now faux double exposures, to making entire complex imaginary worlds come to life. But some photo manipulations are... Read More

September 22nd By

Grow your creative business with these tips from 99U

Trying to take your career to the next level? This month we’re rounding up a series of six articles from 99U that help you do just that. From resume and portfolio building to attracting the right kind of clients, we hope these tips help build your freelance business! The 6 Fundamentals of Client Building For... Read More

September 18th By

How to seamlessly incorporate vectors into a design

It’s tempting to use vectors as a time saver, inspirational starting point or addition to any design. The challenge, however, is that each vector comes with its own style and visual “language”. Without proper assimilation, the element can be aesthetically rejected from a designer’s given style. This tutorial uses a free coffee stain vector from vector4free.com to create a... Read More

September 17th By

A look back at 30 years of Super Mario Bros

This past weekend, Super Mario Bros turned a whopping 30 years old! While some things – like those signature blue dungarees – never change, Mario’s makeovers through the years have been a fascinating indication of the forever changing gaming landscape. From the 8-bit hero that helped launch the Nintendo empire to the slick, 3D character of today, Super Mario continues to thrill... Read More

September 14th By

5 types of brochure design (and what to include)

Not all marketing activity is easy to measure – sometimes you need to trust your experience over the security of metrics. In the case of brochure design, it can be especially difficult to determine your effectiveness. Print costs don’t always scale in a linear a fashion, which means you’re likely to print only one version at a time and won’t... Read More

September 10th By

Llywellyn shares her passion for book cover design

It’s not every day we tell you to judge a book by its cover, but in the case of Kerry Ellis (aka Llywellyn) we encourage you to. Kerry has been a prolific book cover designer on 99designs for more than six years. While she may be modest, her portfolio is vast with inspired covers ranging in style from Saul... Read More

September 9th By