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How to master Photoshop’s Brush Panel

In the previous article in this series, you learned the most basic information every designer needs to know about the Photoshop Brush Tool. With this one, we’ll learn how to more precisely control the brush, and push the limits of its use. The most complex settings for brushes can be found in the Brush Panel. Open... Read More

May 7th By

Photoshop Brush Tool basics

The Photoshop Brush Tool is one of the simplest yet most powerful tools available in Adobe Photoshop. And many designers don’t know their full power! So my goal with this four part series is to change this, and show designers how to easily access and utilize Brushes. For this first part, we’ll go over the basics.... Read More

April 24th By

Is Pixelmator a viable alternative to Photoshop?

When it comes to image editing, a lot of designers head straight for Adobe Photoshop — it’s a great program and a creative industry standard. But it’s also a professional program, and has got a professional price tag attached, one that not every new designer can afford straight away. Alternatives have been around for ages,... Read More

April 7th By

Create your own Instagram filter in Photoshop

Hipster-analog photography has virtually exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, moving from something that only nerdy photography students did with a Holga to the digitalized filter-based Instagramming everyone does today. This style of photography can be useful in all sorts of graphic design, but you’ve got to know how to transform the... Read More

March 4th By

Create a metal and a wood texture in Photoshop

Everyday I see great designs around me, but there are times when I have the feeling something is missing from one of them. The simple final touch, as I like to call it. I’m talking about textures. And in this tutorial I will go through how to create your own! How to source textures Lets... Read More

January 29th By

Master the marvelous powers of Adobe Smart Objects

I’ve often found in talking to people, that many designers don’t actually know what Smart Objects are. But we’ve got to change that! In this tutorial you’ll learn the big benefits of Smart Objects — and by the end you’ll ask yourself why you never tried them before. Smart Objects are layers that contain the raw information... Read More

January 23rd By

Speed up your design process with Photoshop Actions

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how you can speed up your workflow and make your life much easier by using Photoshop actions. An action is similar to a programming macro or a script for an image, but is easier to create. You don’t have to learn any programming skills to produce one! So, what... Read More

January 8th By

The ultimate guide on how to use guidelines

Anyone who works in Photoshop should know about guidelines. They are such an important tool that can save a lot of time when laying out text, shapes, or anything else. Let’s fire up Photoshop, set some guidelines, and learn something new. 1. Turning on rulers First of all, make sure your rulers are turned on.... Read More

August 30th By

Create filters in Photoshop using Pixel Bender

Anyone who works in Photoshop knows it comes packed with cool filters which can really create some nice effects. Thanks to the Photoshop Coder who created such sweet tools… if only designers could create their own filters. Ah ha! But you can. Creating your own filters can not only help your workflow when designing in... Read More

May 30th By

Mastering selections in Photoshop: The Lasso Tool

Who’s the master? You’re the master… after you become proficient with selections in Photoshop. 😉 In the last selections tutorial, we demonstrated the Marquee Tools and now it’s time to learn the Lasso Tools. The Lasso Tool allow you to draw and pinpoint specific areas of a document. If you like drawing with pencil and paper or cutting and pasting objects from... Read More

May 23rd By

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