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Are you spatially aware? Take this quiz to find out.

In design, which do you think is more important — the positive space or the negative space? Trick question. They’re both equally important. It’s the seamless integration and consideration of both positive and negative space that helps to create clever and thoughtful designs. Logo designs in particular are a great medium to manipulate positive and... Read More

May 20th By

What typeface are you? Take this short quiz and find out

From stroke weight to set width, it’s the subtle and not so subtle nuances of a typeface that gives it life and personality. Some typefaces are loud and proud, while others are more soft-spoken and modest. Just like people, typefaces are full of character. Which typeface best resembles your personality type? Take this short quiz... Read More

April 18th By

10³x.01 nerd-tastic designs

Calling all nerds! It’s common knowledge that nerds rule, and by transitivity, designs that incorporate nerds also rule. The brilliance of nerdy designs lies in the fact that they convey a sense of approachability and expert knowledge. So without further ado, lets talk nerdy. Nerd Auction logo by CrankyBear Glasses, check. Pocket protector, check. Handsome smile, check.... Read More

March 18th By

Guess the famous faces in these caricature designs

Caricature designs are all about exaggeration. The most successful caricatures usually highlight the most prominent and recognizable features of an individual through the use of extreme proportion and scale. The wild distortions in many caricatures have a humorous, and often times, satirical effect. From bushy eyebrows to sausage lips, can you guess all the famous... Read More

February 22nd By

10 designs that are out of this world

If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for inspiration beyond the earthly, then perhaps a look beyond the stars may be in order. As some would say, space is the final frontier and a good source of infinite inspiration. From predatory aliens to soaring rockets, these cosmic designs help to celebrate the many mysteries of... Read More

January 25th By

Brrrr! 10 designs that beat the cold

The drop in the mercury can only mean one thing — it’s wintertime! While the weather outside can be frightful, these wintery designs are oh so delightful. From alpine emblems to frosty tees, this winter inspired collection is the perfect remedy for those winter blues. Monkey Ice Snow Cones by sparkfly It’s never too cold for a... Read More

December 28th By

10 paw-fectly furry logo designs

At 99designs, we love our furry animal creatures. So much so that, we were compelled to name our conference rooms after them. To celebrate our love of animals, we rounded up some of our favorite furry, animal logo designs. Aussie Rules All Stars logo by 3am3i Our collection of furry designs has to include an Aussie... Read More

October 15th By

BAM! POW! ZAP! 10 superhero designs to the rescue

Often times a good logo design can help exemplify and convey some of the defining characteristics of a brand or company. An easy way to inject some character… is with a character (of course). If you’re looking to create a brand that’s strong, reliable, fun and a cut above the rest, look no further than... Read More

September 20th By

Playing with numbers: 10 logo designs you can count on

Most people will agree that good design features good typography. While it’s easy to focus on the ABCs, lets not forget about the 123s. Whether you spell them out or use the digit itself, numbers can add a whole new dimension to your logo designs. These designers prove designing with numbers can be as easy... Read More

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