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20 famous logos made with Helvetica

Just what separates a brand name in a standard, mass-distributed typeface from a bona fide logo? One of them is generic and basically worthless, while the other is (hopefully) an impactful, memorable, skillfully made, often very expensive work of design.

February 2nd By

Victorian design is back in vogue

Victorian design fell into pretty low esteem for a while. Like, the entire twentieth century. But since the turn of the millennium it has had something of a resurgence in the world of graphic design, offering a refreshing alternative to the sleek, sometimes antiseptic-feeling lines of Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern.

January 4th By

Spirited holiday branding to inspire you this season

When the weather turned chilly this year, we started mulling over the topic of whether holiday branding themes really matter to people. Then Starbucks provided us with the answer: the coffee giant changed its winter-seasonal red cup design and people went nuts.

December 7th By

The graphic designers behind James Bond

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, many critics forecasted the end of James Bond—a Cold War character if ever there was one. At the same time, a prolonged studio dispute made a new Bond film seem unlikely for more prosaic reasons.

November 23rd By

The insane and twisted world of Horror Rudey

What do you get when you mash up the visual equivalents of Rockabilly and ’80s horror punk? We didn’t know it could be done, but the answer is Horror Rudey—a truly distinctive and expertly skilled illustrator, specializing in t-shirt designs on 99designs. Being that Halloween is upon us, we could think of no better person to... Read More

October 30th By

Get to know Paula Scher, titan of postmodern design

It’s hard to believe that a single creative mind could be responsible for both the polished corporate-ness of the Citibank logo and the loudly expressive poster designs of historic Public Theater productions like Bring in ‘Da Noise, Bring in ‘Da Funk. Yet this all-embracing sensibility is the calling card of Paula Scher, a reigning titan in a heavily male-dominated industry. After... Read More

October 21st By

How to ace your next folded brochure

With the rise of web-based marketing, the golden age of the folded brochure may be over. As a result, many up-and-coming designers today aren’t learning the basic terms, protocols and skills for that type of design. That’s a problem, because while folded brochures may be less prevalent than they once were, they are not going away entirely. As... Read More

October 8th By

Into the world of post-logo branding

In 2009, the Los Angeles clothing company Freshjive decided to take a new approach to branding. Specifically, they got rid of their logo. And the funny thing was, they didn’t replace it. From 2010 on, no insignia would appear on their shirt fronts, their labels, their website—anywhere. Ten years after the publication of Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Freshjive were to be a brand... Read More

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