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Last week we made the not-so-subtle suggestion that eBay’s new logo was not all that it could be, and posed the community with a challenge: to do a better job re-designing their word mark, restoring some of the personality that the actual re-design flattened out.

The eBay logo lost its funkiness with a conservative re-design

The response was outstanding. We received an outpouring of design concepts — 1,739 in total — that ranged from realistic suitors to wild, high-concept abstractions. Truly a lot to be proud of.

It’s time to select a winner and we need help narrowing it down. We’re running a public poll so you can help us decide.

Help us decide — vote here!

After some very tough calls, we selected these as our top 8.

Congrats to the 8 finalists

Design by shewa™

Design by Ricky Asamanis

Design by Léë-Xéï®

Design by Danang Prihantoro 

Design by ludibes™

Design by Bo-design

Design by ::ALBRKH::

Design by flovey

Hats off to the runners-up

There were dozens more designs that really bowled us over. Hats off to the following runners-up for their bold, adventurous and at times downright wacky concepts.

These all caught our attention for being so delightful.

Design by creta. Nice mosaic abstraction, although some of the letters get lost. 

Design by mon573. One of many iterations the designer submitted. Way to push a concept!

Design by tamafica. Note that only one shape is used — a square with rounded corners — to create the letters.

Design by Valkadin. BRUTALLY MINIMAL, WE LOVE IT. 

Design by erwinz. Looks to be in the tradition of Paul Rand’s Next logo — nice. 

Design by Nozartwork. Preserving the funkiness. 

Design by | DK |. The detail might not work in practice but in theory very cool.

Design by ngawtu. Arrow designs are a little played-out but we liked this one. 

Design by genrobo. Nice typography. Reminds us of an existing logo but we can’t put our finger on it…

Design by ganiyya. Simple and well executed.

Design by Rodesign$™. Awesome juxtaposition of angles and curves, with satisfying earth-tones. 

Design by Harry Ashton. Nice slab serif with an interesting cut between the a and y. 

Design by Ruiz Nala wi Gareng. Looks to be in the tradition of Paul Rand’s Yale University Press logo with Art Deco inflection. Nice. 

Another design by Ruiz Nala wi Gareng. De Stijl inspiration?

Design by Agimuh. Nice form, although the colors are a little highlighter-y. 

Design by cmyk13. One of the contest’s more distinctive submissions. 

Design by zoranns. THE BEST. At least, perhaps our personal favorite. Something feels so familiar about its eye-catching style…

Note: 99designs will ultimately select the winner. Poll results will be taken into consideration in making this decision but will not necessarily be a determining factor.

Cheers to all participants! Looking forward to seeing your votes.


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