The wide world of design news, August 2012


August was full of significant design events – and not just for us here at 99designs. Check out some of the big design news from August 2012:

Microsoft’s redesign

image via DesignBoom

We ran this one by you guys on Facebook when it first debuted, you were not short on strong opinions for, and mostly against, Microsoft’s new logo. But rail as we all do about this change, it’s undeniable that Microsoft got some serious attention this month which almost never hurts in the unending PR  battles of big companies.

But one of our favorite things that was brought to the spotlight because of this change was the work of designer Andrew Kim, who in July posted a re-imagined branding scheme for Windows’ brand:

image via Branding: Magazine

Simple and versatile, Kim’s design manages to find a way to update Window’s brand without completely loosing it’s historical identity. An excercise this designer did for fun and brought him a ton of attention – goes to show how working on design projects for fun or for practice can end up really helping your career in the long run. Find out more about the designers process on his website.

“Art Space Tokyo” goes digital


Japan, Tokyo in particular, has long been an icon of edgy and eclectic pop culture and art. Ashley Rawlings & Craig Mod capture some of Tokyo’s creativity in their release of Art Space: Tokyo — a summary of the Tokyo art scene in print and digital editions. The beauty of this book is not just in its contents but in the design itself: created specifically to be a lasting artistic work. The book is available for purchase at Art Space Tokyo.

Logitech washable keyboard

image via Logitech

We don’t know about you guys but the 99designs team is constantly eating at our desks (and in general, really). So we were pretty pumped that Logitech has come out with a washable keyboard, allowing the user to spill food and liquids onto the device and being able to solve the problem simply by giving it a rinse. Definitely on our wishlist for the next time we feel like a little tech upgrade.

Adobe Source Sans Pro

image via Adobe

This month Adobe came out with their very first open source type family: Source Sans Pro.

It’s ready to download, or available for use, on web hosting services like Typekit and Google Web Fonts. This family contains a series of weights and supports different scripts, from the more traditional ones like Cyrillic to rarities, such as Navajo.

“Green Design Project”

via How Design

Walking a fine line between protest art and graphic design, DDB China recently debuted an interactive project highlighting green design and the impact it can have on the world. Spawing copycat movements all over the world, the group laid a huge canvas painted with a bare tree on the ground at a busy intersection in Shanghai.

Surrounding its sides with green paints, every pedestrian that walked through the intersection and onto the design made a mark – representing the idea that by walking more and driving less, people can create a huge impact on the environment.

Coming up in September: The London Design Festival

via London Design Festival

This article is not all about the past but what’s coming up as well! The huge London Design Festival is running from September 14 – 23. It’ll feature exhibitions, installations, seminars, talks, product launches and parties. Keep your eye on the events by following

Have any other cool design news to share?


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