Tips in Tweets: Logo design, January 2012


Here are some awesome designer tips and resources that we recently shared via twitter@99designs.

1. Design Trend: Circles

Design Trends: Circles

2. 30 Conceptual Logo Ideas That Every Designer Should Follow

30 Conceptual Logo Ideas

3. Brand New: Jenny from the Block

Jenny from the Block

4. Intelligent Use of Negative Space in Typography

Negative Space in Typography

5. 35 Vintage and Retro Free Fonts

Vintage and Retro Fonts

6. 27 Popular Logos With Hidden Meanings

27 Popular Logos

7. Design Inspiration: Bart ODell

Bart ODell

8. Top 40 FREE Fonts For 2011

Top 40 Free Fonts

9. Top 12 Logos of 2011 As Voted By You

Top 12 Logos

10. Showcase of Logo Designs with Detailed Patterns

Logo Designs with Detailed Patterns

11. Spanking New Logos of 2011

New Logos of 2011

12. 40+ Fresh And Useful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

40 Fresh and Useful Illustrator Tutorials

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